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Wednesday 7th September 2005, 12:31
I've just been told I'm off to Bournemouth for work tomorrow. Is the Great White Egret still at Blashford lakes and if so whereabouts would be the best place to look for it as I haven't visited before? There looks to be several lakes to choose from...



Wednesday 7th September 2005, 14:12
I believe it is still there, if it is the bird that was seen at Mockbeggar Lake earlier in the year it will stay all winter. I understand it has been frequenting Ibsley Water.

The following link has an extremely useful map of the lakes in that area (chooise Wildlife Reserves and select from the map):


Wednesday 7th September 2005, 16:09
Thanks kevtubb,

Ibsley water looks to be the large lake next to the A338. Can the lake be viewed from laybys and does anyone know which side of the lake it has been frequenting?

Thanks again,


John P
Wednesday 7th September 2005, 20:57
I'm not sure if it's there at the moment, but when I've seen it it's always been on Mockbeggar. There are two crude hides on Mockbeggar adjacent to the road, they are marked on the map on kevtubbs link. (Go to the reserves index and then to *Blashford Lakes* from the large map (PDF file) )

Ibsley water is viewable from a lay-by at the Southern end.

Just checked my emails and the last reported sighting on Hoslist was on 16/8/05 .

Nigel G
Wednesday 7th September 2005, 21:19
Last repoted on Birdguides 2 days ago. Either it can be elusive or I've been just plain unlucky having dipped about 6/7 times in the last month but it has been reported most days since turning up a few weeks ago.

Thursday 8th September 2005, 22:54
Called in on the way back from Bournemouth this afternoon and tried first Mockbeggar lake as suggested but no joy. Then tried Ibsley Water from the layby at the south end, lots of activity including three Little Egrets and twenty two Grey Herons but no joy. Then tried the north end of Ibsley Water accessing from near the church and had fantastic close views! Excellent!!!



JWN Andrewes
Friday 9th September 2005, 10:10
I gather this is a colour-ringed bird - anyone been able to find out where its from?


Tuesday 15th May 2007, 19:06
I gather this is a colour-ringed bird - anyone been able to find out where its from?


ringed as a chick in France I believe