View Full Version : Migrants back in Broome

Tuesday 4th October 2005, 13:16
The waders began to return in late August with Eastern Curlew suddenly jumping in numbers on Roebuck Bay, closely followed by all the other usual species. Sharp-Tailed Sandpipers and Common Sandpipers have been particularly abundant on the Bay due to the lack of freshwater inland (the wet season last year failed).

The last week or so have shown some of the more interesting migrants returning.

- Hundreds of Oriental Plover are popping up on Roebuck Plains.
- A single Little Curlew was reported at the Sewer Works. A few days later I saw 17 on a town oval. There are now plenty on the town ovals and a smattering on the (remaining) freshwater wetlands.
- About a week ago the first Dollarbird for the season was spotted. A few days later I saw a Dollarbird in the same area. Today I saw 6. I guess they are back.

Now we're just waiting on the Yellow Wagtail and all the regular wet-season migrants will be back.

Wednesday 9th November 2005, 06:21
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