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Monday 24th October 2005, 16:42

last saturday I was on lake Guelper See.
In the evening lots of cranes and gooses arrived.
Greylag Goose more and more go away, but more Bean Goose and White-fronted Goose comes.
136.000 geese I read last week.
Also Great Egret still there.


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Thelma W.
Sunday 20th November 2005, 20:24

That must have been a wonderful sight. What a lot of birds. What kind of Cranes were they? I follow the Whooping Cranes in Canada/America. They are huge but intelligent birds. Where did your Cranes come from?

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Sunday 27th November 2005, 22:31
In Minnesota the geese are gathering to head south. With the warmer winters we've had lately we are having more of them spending the winter here. It seems if they have some open water and a place to get some food they are spending the winters here. I think the majority still migrate but I wonder if more are staying than used to.

Wednesday 4th January 2006, 14:23

I was on vacation since 19.11.
We have Crane Grus grus.
On day they collect in agriculture area.
In the evening they fly to the sleeping place.
In Linum ( 2. bigest crane area of Europe ) they have the sleeping place in the wetland, which You can not see. You see tousends of them going down.
On peninsula Darss You see them on a big island. The come to see sleeping place and collect on the island. Is also good spot for White-tailed Eagles.
In autumn the eagles collect on agriculture area or near lakes.
I saw 5 middle of November around lake Rietzer see.
Most of ower cranes come from Sweden, some from Finnland.
Someone told me he saw 14.
Cranes I saw only Grus grus in Germany and Brolga in Australia.

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