View Full Version : I found a Red-Tailded Hawk on her nest!

Monday 28th April 2003, 15:52
How close is "safe" to do some digiscoping? I don't want to bother her, but obviously closer is better in photography! Any input here? How about a blind? Do they help much on something with the sharp eye-sight of a hawk?

Tuesday 29th April 2003, 10:39
You've got some kind of zoom, right? Use that!

And as distance from the nest, the further the better. Red-tails only lay one set of eggs each season, so you don't want to do anything to disturb their only attempt of the year.

Getting too close to the nest can also leave a scent trail -- not one that the birds will notice, but predators will.

So now's the time for a little creativity in finding ways to photograph the nest while staying away. And we'd love to see the results!

Tuesday 29th April 2003, 13:11
Thank-You! Yes...I shoot my digital camera through my spotting scope. I can get pretty decent shots from a good distance away. I watched her for a while last night, and I can get some pretty good angles on her from about 60 yards away, so I shouldn't need to get any closer. At that distance last night, she was not even responding to me at all, so I should be o.k.. I'll post any decent pics. I get of her.

peter hayes
Tuesday 29th April 2003, 21:58
I think Beverly gives good advice - you can't be too careful really.......