View Full Version : Babies! We have BABIES!

Thursday 1st May 2003, 21:01
Late yesterday afternoon, and overnight, Peregrine Falcon babies were hatched in the nest box atop One Summit Square in Fort Wayne!!!

I can tell there are at least two -- there hopefully will be three.

Oh goodie, goodie, goodie, GOODIE!!!!!

The website is www.aep.com

Click on Environmental

Click on Stewardship

Click on Falconcam

Mamma and babies are doing well -- and Mamma is a BEAUTIFUL girl!!!

o:) B (: o:D

Thursday 1st May 2003, 21:26
You sound as if you're happy about something, Beverly - why not share it with the rest of us ?

Seriously, that is really great news - please keep us informed of all progress of chicks and parents.


Friday 2nd May 2003, 01:08
Fabulous news Beverly! You sound just a 'little' excited! ;)

Walther Loff
Friday 2nd May 2003, 01:14
Hi Beverly:
I hope you donot get overcome from joy and copy the actions of the mother bird :-), some say it is contagious... and Tammie those long days in Norhern Ontario could get a girl into lots of problems :-)
take care

Friday 2nd May 2003, 03:46
Thanks for your concern, Walther, but I'm a bit past being caught by that particular 'bug'. :)

Do hope you'll check out the site. The cam runs from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST and there's a fresh picture every 30 seconds.