View Full Version : Raptor V Raptor!

Wednesday 7th May 2003, 12:36
A member tells me he was out today watching whatever would appear, He was lucky enough to see a Golden Eagle hunting over the moors in Notrhumbia/ Scottish border, He saw it suddenly swoop over towards where He was parked. He assumed it was after some prey only to see it at close quarters seeing off another raptor that was doing his own thing, hunting around where he usually does, (presumably he had not been "spotted" by the other before.) Needless to say it left the area!
he tells me he had an Excellent view of both, and after lunch one
was back again as though nothing had happened, but the other was not around

lucky for that member, but I am told eagles are making a comeback in that part of the world, it was Covered on local TV last year.


Chuck A Wulla
Wednesday 7th May 2003, 13:55
We're fortunate to have a reliable population here but it is always a thrill to see one for me. I can well imagine what it must be like to see one in an area that has lost its resident population.