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Tuesday 10th June 2003, 02:23
Hi all. I just received the annual List Report from the American Birding Assoc.

Dave DeReamus of Northampton County leads the way with 353 birds recorded in Pennsylvania.

Joyce Hoffmann recorded 290 species in Pa. in 2002 to lead in the annual list catagory.

I didn't keep a annual list but my total life list for Pa. is now at 267.

Anyone else keep lists for Pennsylvania?


Wednesday 11th June 2003, 00:16
I hear you Charlie. I have done annuals in the past and will do so in the future. The past 2 or 3 years I've been a little lax.

I see you have a nice size ABA list. Having a hard time adding to it in Japan, I'll bet! Of course the world list must be growing.


Wednesday 11th June 2003, 01:37
Let me see. What can I tell you about birding in Pennsylvania?

We have a variety of habitats, from a shoreline on Lake Erie(one of the Great Lakes, which form a borderline between the US and Canada) to the mountains of the Appalachian Range. Along that range is located a birding hotspot known worldwide, Hawk Mountain. Many thousands of hawks can be seen from that ridge during migration, when weather conditions are right. Also for the hiking fan, the Appalachian Trail winds its way along the ridges of PA. as it runs it's course from Georgia to Maine(2,100 miles).

Back to the birds....400 species have been sighted in our state including 40 species of warbler. Wild Turkeys are found in ever increasing numbers. They were very common during the settling of the State. Ben Franklin(a signer of The Declaration of Independence) wanted to make them our National symbol. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and the Bald Eagle took that honor. That same Eagle also breeds in our state.

The Ruffed Grouse is our State Bird and can be found in many woodland areas. Their courtship includes a loud drumming noise made by the males as they beat their chests. Talk about macho!

In future posts I will include lists of species seen during my birding walks. Till then...


Wednesday 11th June 2003, 20:32
Hi Grousemore.

This webpage will give you the dates with the highest probability of seeing each species of raptor.


It is part of the Hawk Mountain website so you will be able to take a virtual tour of the Sancuary.


Wednesday 11th June 2003, 22:26
Hi Dennis,what an informative site.
I think I now know where I'll be going in October this year!

I appreciate the info,thanks very much.