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Turkey Vulture
Sunday 29th June 2003, 21:18
Well here I am again, Day 1 of my membership and I am asking in yet another forum about Andorra.
Can anyone help me with a list of possible raptors I may see in Andorra. I can hazard a guess at them but as usual the distribution maps are not good enough in my guide to pinpoint areas.
I have left it very late and I should have got myself a flight ID guide. I shall have to struggle on with my Britain and Europe. I just know I am gonna see 3 or 4 soaring brown dots and pull my hair out trying to name them.
Thanks in anticipation.

B (:

Monday 30th June 2003, 10:01
Can only help with the Pyrenees in general I'm afraid (have been to Andorra but that was for skiing!).
Looking up my old trip reports the raptor list included Griffon, Lammergeir and Egyptian Vultures. Golden, Booted, Short-toed and Bonelli's Eagles; Red and Black Kites; Montagues and Hen Harrier. The only small birds of prey were Kestrel and Peregrine. The visit was in early May so it is likely that some were on migration and just passing through.
Most of the birds were at relatively close range so you shouldn't need to tear all your hair out. The larger birds of prey have fairly huge ranges so are likely to turn up almost anywhere.

Turkey Vulture
Monday 30th June 2003, 19:02
Thanks Nick !!
I would be really chuffed if I got all 3 vultures, being a vulture freak. I really cannot wait now.