View Full Version : Hen Harrier up-date (Yorkshire)

Tuesday 29th July 2003, 17:03
Some good news on the harrier front, three young have fledged from the Yorkshire site (two female one male) with a very strong chance (fingers tightly crossed) that four more are on the way, from a second nest. Two nests failed due to the disappearance of a polygamous male. There is still a very long way to go to bring these magnificence raptors up to their true and deserved breeding status in England but at least this is a very positive result. All the very best to all fellow raptor enthusiasts.

Mick BaronB (:

Tuesday 29th July 2003, 17:20
Dear Mick,

What great news. Cheered me up no end.

Tuesday 29th July 2003, 18:03
That is good news Mick.


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It's good to see another member from the north-east. I actually hail from Barnard Castle, though I live in Billingham nowadays.

See you around.

Tuesday 29th July 2003, 18:50
that realy is a cracking result, fingers crossed for their future.

Ian Whittle
Tuesday 29th July 2003, 19:55
Couldnt agree more, its about time we had the sucsess these birds deserve

Tuesday 29th July 2003, 21:19
Hi Mick,
It makes a nice change to read of some success for these raptors when the raptor news in general is often of disappointment and failure all over the country. All the best to yourself too.