View Full Version : Need a birding reserve in Hampshire?

Friday 1st August 2003, 06:33
I wonder if anyone can help - I am in Hampshire - near Basingstoke next weekend and have to take three non-birders birding and would like it to be a good experience. Are there any reserves you can recommend that have hides and/or some nice birds at this time of year? We have a car so can travel, any ideas would be appreciated



Richard Ford
Friday 1st August 2003, 10:26
Have a look at this site and see if you can pick up some info.
I thing The Vyne is one of the best spots in that area.

How fare are you willing to travel?


Friday 1st August 2003, 10:35
Thanks for that link Richard - we will drive for an hour so we can cover many sights. I notice this site you mention also talks about Framlington Marshes? What is that like?

Friday 1st August 2003, 15:49
Hi Doug

You probably mean Farlington Marshes which is 40 odd miles south of Basingstoke very near to Portsmouth. Youll get to see plenty of waders, redshank, greenshank, whimbrel, curlew, little riged plover, green and common sandpipers etc with the chance of something rare turning up. There are plenty of terns about, common, sandwich and little maybe even black. Also very good chance of peregrine. Hope this helps.


Friday 1st August 2003, 15:54
Sounds perfect Martin - I will find out more from the web. Thank you.

Friday 1st August 2003, 15:59
Hi Doug,
The New Forest may be worth a go:try Beaulieu Road Station for Dartford Warblers,Hobbies etc.though it may appear a bit birdless to non-birders(even seemed birdless at first glance to me when I went there!)
Harry H

Friday 1st August 2003, 16:33
If you want anymore info then let me know as I spend quite a bit of my time there. In fact Im off there in half an hour.


Friday 1st August 2003, 16:37
Meant to say have a look at the Hampshire Wildlife Trust for reserve info including Farligton.



Michael Frankis
Friday 1st August 2003, 16:38
I'd suggest Chichester Harbour / Thorney Island. Lots of Little Egrets there, and that is something that will impress the average non-birder

Dartford Warblers are lovely to the likes of us, but they're very much a 'birder's bird', to be honest searching for them on a summer day when they're not singing would bore most non-birders stiff.