View Full Version : Peregrines at Berwyn Mountains.

Tuesday 26th August 2003, 09:58
I had the pleasure of watching 2 Peregrines individually soaring and diving around a high cliff in the Berwyn mountains area yesterday.

They were very noisy and repeated this behaviour all afternoon in the same location. Leaving for a short while, before noisily returning and eventually landing generally out of site on the cliffs.

Would this be a parents visiting young on the cliffs? Or perhaps fledglings hanging around the nesting area with mom?


Gerry Hooper
Tuesday 26th August 2003, 11:04
Sounds like it was youngsters Paul, they can be very noisy when they first take to the air and are still relying on the adults for food.

Tuesday 26th August 2003, 21:09
I agree with Gerry, young peregrines can be very vocal, especially at the time (about now, or pretty soon) they ought to be hunting for themselves but still want to rely on their parents for food.