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Euan Buchan
Sunday 14th September 2003, 08:52
Yesterday at Vane Farm wasn't a very good day I saw practully no birds at all in all the hides I was pretty disapointed I was like god what Im I doing here it made the day abit boring but the only thing that lightened up my day was seeing my first ever Kestel souring it was magic I watched it till it disapeared http://www.stanfordalumni.org/birdsite/pix/maps/maps-pix/kestrel.jpg

Michael Frankis
Sunday 14th September 2003, 09:30
Hi Euan,
Congrats on your first Kestrel :t:

But the pic link you attached is an American Kestrel!!


Nina P
Sunday 14th September 2003, 09:36
Poor Euan, I love to see the kestrels as although I have one who frequently hovers at the bottom of my garden, and she is a naughty girl with the housemartins, in the winter I often see her loitering around the feeders, but when she hovers there as though hanging on the wind, she is a fanatastic spectacle.
But waiting to see any bird at all can be so very tedious, so then I usually revert to watching the flora and then voila something usually shows up, so give that a try, Nina.

Steve G
Sunday 14th September 2003, 13:51
Hi Euan,
Don't despair. I too was at Vane farm on saturday & it was very poor(the presence of 3 distant eclipse Ring-necked ducks was scanty consolation).
Apparently the long grass on the embankments to the hides & in front of the flood were recently mown (possibly on friday) & I suspect that this scared off a lot of birds. However the far-away hide in front of the flood can be excellent. Get there early (8am)-the visitors centre will be closed but the hides are always open & accessible.
On one recent morning visit I had crippling views (& pics ) of water rail & excellent views of 2 Green sandpiper only about 7m away. Last winter I had very close views of Smew(2 redheads) & almost-touch views of Shoveler & Garganey this spring (at one point the bird was too close for my 500mm lens to focus!). Apart from the Kestrels (I counted 4 from this hide 2 weeks ago), Buzzard are common (I've seen 9 at one time, though reserve counts are often in double figures) but the highlight is Peregrine. Up till about 1 week ago there were large numbers of eclipse Teal drawing in the Peregrines & I witnessed a number of unsuccessful strikes by a juvenile bird & a successful strike by an adult. All at times when the visitors centre was closed & the hides empty.In late Spring/ Summer try the evenings when somewhat distant views of hunting Osprey are possible (had 4 birds in the air at once 2 weeks ago!).
A hide packed with "greetin' weans" & sundry "bamsticks" is not conducive to good birding so wait a few weeks then get back there early (or late).

Guid burdin'

Karl J
Sunday 14th September 2003, 14:36
I don't know what others think but personally the Kestrel is one of my favourite birds, that hovering is truly fantastic to watch.

Well done Euan

Sunday 14th September 2003, 15:34
If you see them perched I am always taken in by their cute faces - they look so innocent - right up untill they drop on some poor mammal that is about to become lunch!

Always great to see them hovering beside the motorway though - good for driving/birding