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Friday 19th September 2003, 22:35
Hi Forum,
After not seeing any all week and thinking they were gone for the season, this evening I spotted two female American goldfinches on the feeders. I have never seen them here past the end of July let alone the middle of September! I haven't seen any males for a few weeks now and assumed the females were gone too but then these two showed up again tonight. I'm not complaining by any means, it just seems strange to have them here this late in the season.

Anyone else seeing any late migrating?

Michael Frankis
Friday 19th September 2003, 22:49
Hi Tammie,

They could well be passage birds from somewhere further east or west that migrated in the wrong direction. If they like the food you provide, they could even decide to stay for the winter.

What surprises me is that they should normally leave so early. After all, they're pretty hardy birds, they must be able to take temperatures down to -30 or colder where they're resident in Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. And there won't be any shortage of seeds around you yet either. I'd have thought they would have stayed until the snow started to get deep.


Saturday 20th September 2003, 01:07
Hi Michael,
I don't know where they go but I've never had them stay in the yard later than end of July. This is the very first time I've seen them at the feeders this late in the season.
Last winter, I had two pine siskins that stayed but to see a goldfinch in mid-winter would be amazing! Guess we'll see. It sure is nice to have them around more.

john belbin
Monday 22nd September 2003, 00:33
I think food supply must the the controlling factor as they seem hardy enough to endure the harshest winters we ever get here in Nova Scotia. In the most bitterly cold spell we had last january I had 30 or more coming to the the feeders each day. Of course, in an area like this there are probably far more people feeding them than where you live, and our cold spells tend to be relatively short. They do seem to be erratic and only come to feeders when they must. I have only seen a couple at the house in the last two weeks and yet dozens are flying about in the nearby woods.
John belbin

Monday 22nd September 2003, 11:49
Hi John and welcome to the forum! :)
Thanks for the information. I've been thinking too that I'm seeing small flocks of goldies going around but only have these two females coming to the feeders.
Here's hoping they decide to stay!

Thursday 15th March 2007, 20:01
Don't know where in Canada you live but we have Americian Goldfich all year round (I have several feeders kept topped up all year round)
I even posted today that I have noticed the males starting to loose their winter feathering and that distinctive yellow starting to appear.

See my profile about where I am located