View Full Version : Can anyone recommend a good book on Bird Migration in the UK.

Thursday 6th November 2003, 17:02
Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a good book on bird migration relating to the UK?

Something that gives species specific movements throughout the year.




Edward woodwood
Thursday 6th November 2003, 17:05
watcha Paul

u couldn't ask for more than The Migration Atlas. It is huge, full of an amazing amount of info etc and has only just been published

Thursday 6th November 2003, 17:35
The Migration Atlas is certainly the book designed for that very job. It costs a bit but is well worth the money. It's not often I'll spend that much for a book, but I don't regret buying this one. Your local library will be able to get hold of a copy for you.

A World based and more concise cheaper book is The Random House Atlas of Bird Migration which covers fewer species but makes interesting reading.

Wednesday 12th November 2003, 13:21
I can vouch for what Tim and Ian have said, the Migration Atlas produced by the British Trust for Ornithology is THE book you are looking for, if you shop around using the Internet or bird magazines you should get a better price than the listed 65.00

Dawn Balmer
Thursday 13th November 2003, 10:35

If you are interested in migration then take a look at the BTO's Migration Watch website (www.bto.org/migwatch). It is currently a spring only project, so you will be able to track the arrival of spring migrants in 2002 and 2003. Migration Watch will be running again in 2004, starting mid-Feb. As well as spring migrants, you can also watch the pattern of departing Redwing, Fieldfare and Brambling - the animated maps for these species are really good.

Best wishes
Dawn Balmer