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Hi there, as you guessed I turned to birding pretty much out of boredom, Sounds horrible that but I'm just finding out what a wonderful hobby this is:)
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And so it began:)

Posted Friday 18th September 2009 at 20:18 by karpman
Hello ane welcome to my blog:)

First of let me tell you a bit of how i come around to doing this, I have never had a drive to blog before never really had anything worth blogging about.
Untill now, a few of my friends have been birding for a long time and my boss has been a birder for many years listed 22 in the country by all accounts, But and this is big but. It has never really interested me, Being a fisherman i get to see birds and get to travel and hang about in the great outdoors anyway, So why would i want to go birding?

Well in truth I Din't, I had thought about it sure talked the talk with a few mates and said "Oh yeah sure id love to come" Deep down though i thought it had little to capture my imagination, I mean what can compare to the thrill of chasing a rare large carp, Then having a epic battle and capturing the beast from the depths. Nothing i thought but how very wrong i was:)

Here we go once again, Bear with me trying to fill some space here:)

So it has begun the wheels set into motion fate twisting her little dagger a little deeper, It was around Wednesday the 6th of September, I Got a phone call and it went a little like this "Hey mate you been trying to ring" I said Sure mate your a dam hard guy to get hold of what you up to "Going birding down the local pits in a moment you coming" Long silence with that uncomfatble feeling were you don't want to reject someone, And then I caved in Sure mate why not!! "Great get your stuff ill be over to pick you up in 15 minutes"
After getting off the phone I thought to my self, "what stuff" what had I told him lol, So I scuttled round the house I was sure there was a bird Id book around here some place.
There was I grabbed it stuffed it into a ruck sack just as the car pulled up outside my house. The day it self was warm if not a little blustery the whole drive there I honestly could not help thinking what I had got my self into, can't be that bad right I like the great outdoors anyhow, The outdoors is were I belong.
We pulled up to the old gravel excavations now filled with water and sparsely planted with assorted with trees
the first thing to strike was the amount of insect life butterflies, Moths, Dragonflies all over the place. There was a beauty in this newly reclaimed landscape, mother nature had once again graced the place with her loving hands.
But we were here for the birds right. My friend Jim "better give him a name" set his tripod up with his snazzy scope and scanned the air like a eagle with his binoculars.
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Bananafishbones's Avatar
Hey karpman you havent finished your first days birding adventure, you have left me disapointed....

Posted Sunday 11th October 2009 at 18:44 by Bananafishbones Bananafishbones is offline
spock's Avatar
good'on'ya Karpman,Iwould have go at this blog thing but I can't do the spilling,no I meen
I used to do the carp un'orl
Posted Saturday 16th January 2010 at 22:30 by spock spock is offline
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