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Bye bye Flicker

Posted Sunday 2nd September 2018 at 13:18 by Fraulein ash
I have done everything in my power to attract the stunning Northern Flicker to my house, but they simply aren't "feeder birds" in most cases. I visit the woods frequently in hopes of seeing this beauty, but to no avail.

The other day, I was leaving for my daily walk when I glanced over to the field next to my house. I see something big and brown... ah, it's probably a morning dove, I think. Only wait... look at that BEAK! That's a woodpecker beak if I ever saw one! I zoom in with my camera as the bird is bopping his head into the ground, I see the heart on the back of his head, it's HIM! It's the Northern Flicker! Just as I made my discovery, my neighbor comes zooming down the driveway towards us in his loud SUV... bye bye flicker.

I admit it... I actually cried real tears over this.

The next few days, I spent countless hours researching their foraging habits to see if maybe they visit the same spot frequently like other peckers, I'm hoping this won't be a one time event. I read a study that stated they typically do NOT revisit the same foraging spots. UGH. I feel defeated, like I have missed my one and only chance at seeing him.

This morning I saw some medium sized birds fly into the trees in my backyard... I could only hear their noises and see their silhouettes, I know their shape and movements well, it's definitely a pecker of some sort. I thought it was Chucky & the baby again, so I'm happy to take this opportunity to photograph Chucky JR. I zoom in and whadda ya know? It's my flicker!! My heart is pounding because I know THIS IS IT, this is my ONE chance I will probably get for the rest of the year because they will be leaving soon to go south. I zoom in and attempt to focus... [email protected]#$% IT WILL NOT FOCUS!!! WHYY?? I try again, and again, and again... I've never had this problem with my camera before, ever!! I must have watched him and attempted to focus for about a minute and a half before my toddler came BOOMING out the back door, screeching abt something or another. Bye bye flicker.

I tried following him, but I failed. He could be anywhere now. This is my typical luck, I suppose I should not be surprised, I am just disappointed in myself. On one hand, at least I finally got to see him and he was soooo beautiful. So much more gorgeous in real life! On the other hand, photographing the birds I see is a big part of the excitement for me, so it almost feels like a loss.

Such a bittersweet Sunday morning.
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