Birders breakfast!!
matt green

Birders breakfast!!

Can't start a day's birding without one of these!! ;o)
That certainly is a 'Big Breakfast'!! But where is the ketchup?!!!!!o:D
''That certainly is a 'Big Breakfast'!! But where is the ketchup?!!!!!''

Arrrgh!! ..I new something was missing!!

LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! The last thing I'd be expecting to see in BF gallery!!! o:D There is enough food in this plate to feed me for breakfast during a whole week! ;)

Very interesting, Matt, now we know what your diet is about! ;) :t:
Matt, if you keep eating these every morning I'll give you three months!! Lol :-O
Ahhh! I remember those breakfasts from the last time I was in England. Look forward to visiting the Dales again this summer!

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