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Osprey Surfing
I rather dopily blundered onto this Osprey down on the river. It had just caught a large fish and was on the bank hoping to settle down to a well earned meal in peace, I imagine. It wouldn't have been 20m from me as I emerged through the vegetation, and startled the living @#^%&! out of both of us! Sorry !! It hastily took off, and cursing myself for interrupting the poor thing, I blazed away through the trees, getting mostly tree trunks and blurred shots as the camera struggled to keep up. The Osprey shot me a filthy look over its shoulder, and this was the only one of 2 dozen shots that is even reasonable. For such a hasty get away, the Osprey composed itself beautifully far quicker than I did. I couldn't help but be struck by the elegant way that it seemed to just 'surf' this fish all the way to the horizon ......
River, open tall woodland
Sydney basin, Cumberland plains
Date taken
11th September, 2014
Scientific name
Pandion haliaetus
Equipment used
[email protected]+1.3x_in-camera_crop=1150mm_real_35mm_equiv_focal_length_f8_1/640thsec_ISO1600_VC=Off!_AF-C_singlepointAF_spot_metering_auto_white-bal_Handheld_Black-Rapid-Sling_original_jpeg_image_50%_crop_very-minor_processing
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Opus Editor
A great tale... at least you did get a usuable shot Chosun (I'd have just forgotten to press the shutter LOL!!)

You've actually ended with a really good picture of this Osprey, clearly showing how they carry the fish.

A lovely set of uploads today.
Thanks Delia --- I was really cranky at myself for disturbing this beauty. I had never seen one there, and was actually hoping to find a Kingfisher to cooperate .....
There were fully 75% of the shots that were just black, as where I was on the river is lined with 'River Oaks' which grow very close together, 20% blurred as the camera and I struggled to pick up focus, and just two less blurry shots that turned out, which were literally taken through a 1 ft gap in the tree trunks as I rapidly panned along!!

I was amazed that the Osprey managed to adopt such an impressive aerodynamic grip so quickly after I blundered on to it ..... when the Osprey was gliding, it really did look for all the world like surfing ! |:d|

Chosun :gh:

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Chosun Juan
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