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  • primulas.jpg
    Pretty flowers, aren't they Mariae. That a marvellous picture you've taken of them my friend. Very well done lass.
  • 7-Oie à tête barrée Anser indicus Bar-headed Goose- 27 mai 2014.jpg
    I think these geese are really rather attractive Nanus! You've taken a marvellous picture of him too - very well done lad.
  • shorty
    exceptional capture Rob; the timing is terrific
  • Himalayas - 551
    what a great family this is and your captures of them have been inspiring
  • cormorant.jpg
    That's a marvellous action image to get David. Many thanks for showing it to us.
  • shorty
    These are wonderful owls to watch aren't they Rob. Sadly the one I knew disappeared from his patch a few years ago now! That's a marvellous...
  • pied flycatcher
    Thanks so much for this one John.... one of my favourite species these. That's a marvellous picture you've taken of her my friend. Well done.
  • Greenfinch
    Looking lovely amongst the tracery of twigs, Euan.
  • Greenfinch
    Nicely focused upon amid the branches Euan!
  • making a splash.jpg
    Some great water action surrounding this Miner! Well captured David!


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