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  • Lakescape - 630
    Lovely shot of a stunning snipe Alok. Normally they are quite far away. Great that you could take such a close up.
  • Coot
    Just about the perfect b/w bird, isn't he LOL That's a superb picture you've taken of him Pete, with a great reflection too. Many thanks my friend.
  • Savannah Sparrow, Tritex, Bryan.jpg
    always find these savannah sparrows a refined version of the song sparrows, Stanley, a splendid photo of this elegant sparrow, with excellent...
  • goldcrest
    beautiful little bird love the raise crest.
  • Peahen and her sub-adult chicks
    That's a right fine group you've found Jp. A wonderful picture too - well done my friend.
  • IMG_9347.jpg
    Oh my.... he really is cute, isn't he!!! That's a superb picture you've taken of him Shahrzad - many thanks for letting us see him.
  • Savannah Sparrow, Tritex, Bryan.jpg
    A model of clarity and detail, superb work Stanley,
  • Red-tailed Hawk (1st yr bird).jpg
    impressive aerial capture, Stanley, perfect details and colors, top quality work, many tfs!!
  • Lakescape - 630
    wow!! fantastic, Alok, a bird I never managed to see, superb photo with awesome details and colours, congratulations, many tfs!!
  • IMG_9347.jpg
    wonderful pose and beautiful photo of this cute squirrel, top marks, many tfs!!


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