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  • Dog Fight
    What wonderful action you must have been observing with these two Bill. That's a terrific picture lad - very well done.
  • Dark-eyed Junco
    This is so lovely it's a work of art. I'm especially fond of the species because it's one of the small number of American birds I've seen here in...
  • Blue Jay
    A rare color for birds here!!! Beautiful head turn!!! Superb one Bill!! TFS!!!
  • Brown Creeper
    This is one species that has been evading me..!!! Glad you spotted it!!! Wonderful capture and post!!! TFS Bill!!!
  • Dog Fight
    Fantastic capture of these two in a tussle!!! TFS!!!
  • coot
    Fantastic close up John!!! TFS!
  • Indian Eagle-Owl
    A fabulous capture of this lovely owl, Kish, and thank goodness for the group leader! The nature walks sound very enjoyable.
  • Redpoll .jpg
    Well captured in a lovely pose!!! Three fabulous post Mali!!! TFS!!!
  • Blue Jay
    Oh doesn't he stand out well in that background, Bill! Gorgeous colour, detail and pose.
  • Buzzard with prey .jpg
    Wonderful sight to see... stunning capture Mali!!! Superb post!!! TFS!!!


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