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  • 8-Bernache du Canada Branta canadensis Greater Canada Goose-13 mai 2010.jpg
    A fine pair of geese you have here Nanus and in a lovely setting too. That's a fantastic picture you've taken of them - very well done.
  • tiny green tree frog.jpg
    that's a great shot; wonderful colour contrast against the grey tree trunk
  • dipper
    super capture, JJ; great posture, contrast and detail
  • Blue Tit
    A nice composition Pete, with the bird set against a defocused background. I don't imagine it stayed there long either, so well done taking...
  • Lesser Black backed Gull 8.jpg
    A brilliant shot Donald, dramatically lit and timed perfectly.
  • tiny green tree frog.jpg
    I love listening to these little guys and a great image of it David!
  • Common Redstart.jpg
    Nice colourful shot Mali, looks great in full resolution (I was wondering if we can post higher than 1020 now: we can, as this shows!).
  • American Crow .jpg
    Terrific flight shot Stanley. I see your crows, like ours, can have white feathers. The shadow on the water is a nice touch.
  • goosander
    Such a soothing image with that soft light (y)
  • chaffinch
    Superb shot! Excellent details and light, and that one brown leaf really compliments his colours :love:


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