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Gallery guidelines

Types of photo

For names of birds, English version only.

Only upload Photos that you have taken yourself.

The photographs posted in the gallery should fit into the categories listed. The gallery is for wild, untamed and free-roaming creatures. Please do not post pictures of pets, caged or kept birds or animals. Likewise the plant kingdom, the gallery is for wild flora. No cultivated trees or plants, eg. garden flowers.

BirdForum does not condone the uploading of photographs of birds in nests to the Gallery and requests that members do not do so. Any such photos will be deleted. Whilst it's appreciated that such photos can be taken under licence where appropriate, we do not want to encourage any unnecessary nest disturbance which may occur by less informed members. Nestbox photos where disturbance does not occur, i.e. nest cams for remote viewing, will be permitted.

The administrators and moderators reserve the right to delete any inappropriate photos.

If in doubt, contact a moderator.


Postings are limited to THREE in a 24 hour period. This is because submissions by occasional posters are getting swamped by large numbers of photos from a single member so that the thumbnails are disappearing from view before everyone has had opportunity to view them.

Please try to avoid uploading 3 almost identical photos of the same bird, each photo may be special to yourself but this will not be the case for those viewing. Use your daily upload allocation to show varied poses or varied species.

Digital manipulation

We have noted and have had images pointed out to us that show considerable image manipulation to the extent that the final image is effectively a composite of two or more images. It is not difficult to fool some, but others will know the truth and treat you accordingly in the future. Please state any substantial image manipulation, if it is done well, then it is to be applauded and your skills in this field should be nothing to be ashamed of.


All photos posted in the gallery, and uploaded to the forums, are the property of the original photographer and must not be reproduced in any format without the express written permission of the photographer. Only upload photos that you have taken yourself.

The Opus and the Gallery

If you do upload a photo to the gallery or the forums, it may be used to represent a species in the Opus or elsewhere on a free to view BirdForum project, where you will be acknowledged. This does not affect your rights of ownership and as with all your photos, they will be removed upon your request to admin or a moderator.