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  Birdforum operate on a reciprocal linking basis. Please add a link to birdforum on your own website if you add to these links directories.

Reciprocal linking is COMPULSORY for commercial websites, THOSE NOT RECIPROCATING WILL BE REMOVED.

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Thursday 17th February 2005 Hits 1893
--- Endemic birds of Vietnam & Indochina ---
  Vietnam is home to one of the richest but most poorly known avifaunas of any Southeast Asian country, with a number of endemic, near-endemic, and highly threatened species found there. As a matter of fact, no other mainland Southeast Asian country can boast as many endemics as Vietnam. Although intense agriculture, population pressures, and the long era of strife in this small country have taken their toll on the native wildlife and habitat, several fine reserves and national parks dot the length of the country and shelter some of Southeast Asia's rarest birds and mammals, including several species new to science. Figures for the total number of bird species recorded in the country range around 870 species. The high bird species richness in Vietnam can be attributed to the wide latitudinal and elevational variation present within the country, which has led to the development of a wide range of habitat types. Monday 10th November 2014 Hits 185
A Birdwatching Guide to Manu National Park
  A downloadable guide to birding in Manu National Park, Peru's largest and most important protected area and widely considered to be the most remote and bio-diverse region that is still accessible to visitors. Written and photographed by expert ornithologists and nature photographers, "Birding in Manu" is the most comprehensive resource for birdwatching in the region. Friday 29th August 2014 Hits 203
A Hobbyist's Guide to Backyard Birding
  I found this resource, it's pretty useful for novice birding hobbyists.

From the site: Bird watching can be a fun and relatively easy way to learn about nature through the lens of your own backyard! More and more people are discovering bird watching as a hobby that can be shared and enjoyed by folks of all backgrounds and age groups. This guide compiles a brief introduction to help foster the growth of bird watching as a national pastime and to help orient beginners.
Tuesday 29th April 2014 Hits 203
A Hummingbird Guide
  Information and tips about attracting hummingbirds with feeders and flowers, amazing hummingbird facts about mating, nesting, and baby hummingbirds. Also includes a homemade nectar recipe, feeder choices, hummingbird photography and creating a hummingbird garden with planting zones.
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Thursday 4th March 2010 Hits 416
Alderleaf - Bird language articles and courses!
  Bird calls and behaviors communicate a wide range of valuable information in the outdoors. Hunter-gatherers all over the world understood how to interpret this "language of the birds" to avoid dangerous predators and find food. People can learn to interpret many of these vocalizations and displays.

Learn about bird language at:

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Monday 10th August 2009 Hits 574
Andalucia Bird Society
  Information on birdwatching in Andalucia. A great resource for exchanging and or getting information on many aspects of birding here in southern Spain. If you intend visiting this area, then an open and free forum allows you to contact locals on specific site or species information. Contibute to our database and conservation efforts by submitting your vacation trip reports and sighting records to the society.
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Monday 3rd August 2009 Hits 1607
Angus Birding
  A great site from the north east of scotland well worth a visit.
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Friday 23rd April 2004 Hits 836
Attracting Birds To Backyard
  I started a webpage for attracting birds to the backyard. It lists the kinds of plants and flowers that can be planted to attract certain bird species found in North America.
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Monday 17th May 2004 Hits 881
  Birding in Ecuador. The latest news on birds and birdwatching in Ecuador
- Observations - Forum - Photos - Ranking - Links - and more.
Monday 4th May 2009 Hits 504
Backyard Birding Blog
  Guides, tips and advice about backyard birding. How to attract birds, different types of birds, backyard bird identification, birding equipment and more. Tuesday 14th July 2015 Hits 170
Binoculars Reviewed - Binoculars Review for Australians
  We are a Binoculars Review website based in Australia. Come see our site for recent reviews, tutorials and information on all things Binoculars Wednesday 22nd August 2012 Hits 331
Bird and Dine
  We designed Bird & Dine to link good food and enjoyable eating and drinking with opportunities to view birds and other wildlife in spectacular locations. Our unique website highlights places that offer refreshment in comfort to everyone - from the avid bird watcher with binoculars, camera and telescope to the bon viveur who just likes eating well while viewing the scenery. In many cases, you can choose to enjoy a meal or a drink while viewing wildlife either indoors or outdoors. Most of the establishments listed here also offer accommodation, so you can prolong your stay, widen your experience and increase your enjoyment.

We had to start somewhere, so initially we cover Scotland, England, Wales & Ireland, but we intend to expand to cover anywhere in the world that fits the bill. We provide maps, useful contact details for restaurants and cafes, availability of in-house accommodation, typical species that may be seen, opening times, some photographs and other useful information. We also offer links to quality outdoor wear, cameras, binoculars and telescopes and other essentials for the keen birder.

We have rated establishments for quality of scenery, food and wildlife. Obviously, these ratings represent our personal views, but, in due course, we want to incorporate feedback from those who have visited the restaurants, cafes and inns so we can reflect a broader range of opinions.
Friday 21st November 2014 Hits 180
Bird Baths For Sale offers free information about all kinds of bird baths. Our goal is to help you make the best decision before buying a bird bath. We offer product reviews of bird baths for sale on Amazon, information on the various bird bath materials available, and advice on cleaning and maintenance of your bird bath.

You can also buy bird baths and bird bath replacement bowls from our site through Amazon.

Check out our website, and like our Facebook page at

We hope to see you there!
Tuesday 31st October 2017 Hits 93
Bird size - focal length - distance calculator
  This calculator computes one of the following:
focal length, distance, bird size, camera sensor size, bird image size : camera sensor size ratio, scope magnification (if used)
from the remaining parameters.

See also Bird Photographers Personal Websites 
Tuesday 28th March 2017 Hits 318
Bird Treatment and Learning Center
  Member based non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild birds in Alaska and avian education to the community. Updated often. Lots of pictures and a weblog. Monday 20th September 2004 Hits 761
Bird Watching HQ
  Professional husband and father, amateur birder and aspiring big lister. Check out my blog to see my experiences and recommendations. On a mission to see all the birds in the world, especially all 17 species of penguins! Thursday 16th February 2017 Hits 157
  BirdBreath, “Life from a birds point of view” is a light hearted cartoon satire about anything and everything. It offers a unique perspective that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

BirdBreath also has a wealth of bird informtion and resources, including a live feeder Web cam and an infrared forrager Web cam for viewing day and night visitors.
Wednesday 28th June 2006 Hits 613
Birder Search Engine
  Use the Birder Search Engine to search the web for birding and bird watching information. The Birder Search Engine is a swicki or community search engine where you can vote for good links with interesting material and vote against links which are irrelevant and are not about birding! You can also suggest links if you know of a web site that does not appear in standard searches such as Google or on the swicki itself. Birdforum is prioritised on the Birder Swicki. Saturday 29th December 2007 Hits 575
Birders Hosting
  Join our network of birding enthusiasts who love to travel as much as you. We are a community of birders who have agreed to open our homes to birders like you from around the world. In exchange, when you join our network, you could serve as host to a visiting birder to your town.
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Tuesday 3rd June 2008 Hits 554
Birding and more...
  Tips for successful birding, bird identification, birding equipment, and places to bird. Includes a free bi-weekly newsletter, blog, photos of local birds, and more... Thursday 18th March 2010 Hits 598
Birding Beyond Boundaries website for ALL helping those less fortunate
  The BBB is a relatively young organisation seeking to improve access for ALL to reserves, facilities and services for birding. including trying to source funding from local authorities and other organisations where needed

Sunday 20th September 2009 Hits 461
Birding Hungary, Eastern Europe Birdwatching
  Ecotours Ltd. is the leading ground agent for Birding, Butterfly, Moth, Dragonfly and other wildlife tours in Hungary, and runs such tours to several Eastern European country including Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovakia. Professionally guided birdwatching tours for individuals, small groups and tour companies. General Nature& culture tours, plus car hire hotel booking for birders. Monday 27th August 2007 Hits 469
Birding Today
  A website for birders across the English Midlands and includes free monthly bird sightings summaries, photo galleries, what's on guide, map links to principal birdwatching sites etc. Sunday 20th June 2010 Hits 666
  BirdNote is a two-minute audio show -- with accompanying photograph -- about the songs and lives of birds. Although the show originated in Seattle, Washington State, US, there are shows about birds all over the world.
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Monday 15th June 2009 Hits 543
  This free website enables travellers to obtain checklists for birds across the entire western hemisphere. Sunday 24th February 2008 Hits 644
Birds - database templates
  Sample database templates for Microsoft Access for your sightings of birds and other wildlife (mammals, reptiles, amphibians). Monday 12th September 2011 Hits 388
Birds Poland
  Birds Poland offers professionally guided birding tours to Poland and Romania. The company owned and run by an ex-pat Les Goddin from his base in Krakow Poland. All my guides are professionals with university degrees to ensure the highest birding knowledge available in Poland and Romania. They are all Enlish speaking and very approachable. Birds Poland will also freely give help and advise to anyone contacting me. Thursday 18th August 2005 Hits 624
Born Again Bird Watcher
  Birds, leps, odes, and anything else that strikes my fancy (in the realm of natural history of course..) Thursday 30th August 2007 Hits 505
British Bird Lovers
  A site dedicated to anyone who enjoys caring for and observing wild birds. You will be able to find information about garden birds and bird watching in the UK. Tuesday 30th September 2008 Hits 726
  We are a friendly club offering trips around the UK. Our most popular destination is Scotland including the 5 days around the best sites inc all meals, transport from leicestershire/ warwickshire area / guides £ 395.00pp ( twin rooms )
We also run trips to the magical island of Majorca. eg 7 days . 4**** hotel in Peurto Pollensa.All meals,all transport and guides £495.00pp.( club membership required @ £ 5.00 pp. Beginners are very welcome!
Monday 19th June 2006 Hits 623
  CloudBirders provides an extensive repository of birding trip reports

See also International Birding 
Tuesday 16th July 2013 Hits 207
Coffee Cup for birders
  Coffee cup for birders. Photo of a bird called strawberry finch printed on the cup. Thursday 15th March 2018 Hits 3
Conserva: WildBirds Videos of Chile
  Welcome to the Great Video Collection of Chilean Wildlife. Opened site for the audiovisual difussion of native animals of Chile. Friday 29th June 2007 Hits 528
Cornwall Birding
  The counties definitive website for news, sightings, images, articles and info on birds and birding in Cornwall Thursday 5th August 2010 Hits 486
Cwm Clydach RSPB Wildlife Explorers
  Website of the RSPB Cwm Clydach Wildlife Explorer/Phoenix Group, for youngsters aged 8 to 18 years. Friday 1st April 2011 Hits 572
Dean Birders
  Birdwatching information, gallery, and daily photo reports from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire maintained by and for disabled and housebound birdwatchers. Friday 13th January 2006 Hits 711
Devon Birding
  County sightings, images, trip reports, artwork and more.

Mailing list for those wishing to receive the latest news and updates regarding Devon sightings (free service, subscribe via the site).

Updated daily.
Tuesday 16th September 2008 Hits 683
Discovering the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago
  A CD providing hundreds of photographs, plus descriptions and information on the neo-tropical birds of Trinidad and Tobago, along with various identification tips. Information on Birding hotspots, tropical animals and tropical fauna are also provided, plus an easy to use search feature. Wednesday 10th May 2006 Hits 563
Durham Bird Tours
  Based in County Durham, we offer people the opportunity to hire a guide for the day or participate in organised bird tours. Good county birds include Black Grouse and Red Kite. We also offer photography, imaging, tuition and website design. Monday 20th February 2006 Hits 517


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