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Recent content by _pauls

  1. _pauls

    Finch? Spore

    I can't help with the ID other than agreeing with the above but I do wish you'd put "Singapore" not "Spore" in the titles - I had no idea where you meant first few times I saw it and I suspect I'm not alone. I suspect a lot of people would be perplexed if I put the location for my local queries...
  2. _pauls

    Different type of tits

    It depends on the type of feeder. You are unlikely to get chaffinches on a hanging feeder which sounds like what you are talking about if it is mostly tits visiting but if you have a tray full of seeds they will happily come to that.
  3. _pauls

    can this be possible

    There was a hoopoe in Lynemouth two weeks ago - that's only around 15 miles away from Alnwick as the hoopoe flies.
  4. _pauls

    New in the Isle of Arran

    I thought buzzard at first but although the pics aren't ideal and nothing to give a sense of scale I'd go for golden eagle - longer wings, distribution of pale areas on underwing and long tail and 2nd photo shows a larger head than I'd expect for buzzard.
  5. _pauls

    Sanderlings? - Sutherland

    Nothing more to add on the ID but just wanted to say that's a corking photo.
  6. _pauls

    European Honey Buzzard? North Yorkshire UK

    Thanks - never definitively seen one before so just wanted to check but I was pretty sure once I saw the photos zoomed in.
  7. _pauls

    European Honey Buzzard? North Yorkshire UK

    Can anyone confirm this as European Honey Buzzard? Distant shots against a bright sky - heavily cropped and lightened. Assumed at first it was a common buzzard but it didn't feel right and at the time I had no binoculars or scope. I took a couple of shots with the hope of being able to glean...
  8. _pauls

    pernis apivorus or hybrid ? North West greece May 24, 2020

    His email address is listed in the footer of the website linked by Tom above
  9. _pauls

    Hawk or ...?

    Your video is protected - I think you need to change the sharing setting edit - can see the picture OK though. Looks like a turkey vulture.
  10. _pauls

    Eagle? Cadiz, Spain

    Booted eagle
  11. _pauls

    Crow vs Raven, PEI, Canada

    Crow for me.
  12. _pauls

    Bird ID - Cotswolds, Oxford

    There is a lot of "noise" in that photo - can you post the uncropped version so we can get more of an overall impression.
  13. _pauls

    Elmley Reserve, Sheppey UK Today

    Song sparrow would be pretty unusual in Kent... how about female reed bunting or corn bunting?
  14. _pauls

    Raven or Carrion crow? (Romania)

    Carrion Crow for me - not quite heavy enough or shaggy enough throat
  15. _pauls

    Lesvos bird id (greece)

    I don't think it has white on its head - I think its just strong sunlight reflecting off the feathers