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Recent content by AdamW

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    Best telephoto lens for Nikon D7000? (in 1100$ budget)

    Agree. I love my D7000, 300mm f4 and 1.4tc ii combo. There are times where I wish I had that extra stop of light, but they are few and far between. I have tried the 80-400 (previous version), 70-300, the bigma and the 300 2.8, but my choice is always the 300 f4. The 300 2.8 is a fine piece of...
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    Pair of woodpeckers in garden

    Over the past few weeks, a beautiful great spotted woodpecker has become resident in the garden (the coconuts with fat in I think were what brought him in), however to my delight yesterday I saw a pair perched on the same tree together - very excited. I managed to get the shot below of the male...
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    D7000 - tips & advice

    Pretty much sums it up. Below F8 on a lens like that and it starts to get pretty soft at the higher focal lengths.
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    Common Kingfisher

    Hi Keith, my Flickr photostream is in my signature :) And regarding the location, it is looked after by a fellow photographer (Mark Hancox) who has set up workshops there now. Access is only through him I believe. Mark is a fantastic photographer, and I recommend checking him out at his...
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    Do You Love Your Nikon??

    I have a D7000 and 300mm f4 af-s and absolutely love the combo. All my wildlife images on Flickr are pretty much taken with it. A friend of my mine is into aviation photography and has a Canon setup. After using his 50D +300mm f4 for a day, I must say that I definitely preferred by own setup...
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    Common Kingfisher

    On a visit to the midlands towards the end of last year (just before the weather turned!), I spent two days photographing Kingfishers. The first day was very slow and I only got a couple of sightings, but things picked up on the second, and I managed to get the photos below. The set up...
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    Nikon 300 f4 afs and 1.4 tc

    Weight is a bit of a subjective issue, but yes it should be fine for carrying it around for extended periods. If you still have the stock nikon camera strap i recommend ditching it for a padded one - this will help. For the money, there is no better than the combination - as many others in this...
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    NIkon 300mm f4 af-s collar

    I agree with you, although 1/1000 is a luxury in some situations (wooded areas etc), and for static birds you might be able to get close to the "danger area" in shutter speed for some using a tripod. I think for me it is just knowing that slower shutter speed limitation is there - although it is...
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    Wasp eating a honey bee (UK)

    I was out photographing some bumblebees last week in a village in East Sussex, when along came a wasp on a nearby flower and wrapped itself around one of the honey bees and began eating it. Is this likely to be a particular variety of a hornet new to the UK? This is the first time I have seen...
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    Dragon Fly identity required

    Looks similar to the Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanea) that I posted a couple of threads ago. I am no expert though regarding the small differentiations!
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    Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanea)

    Think I got the ID right, please let me know if not. Eventually managed to get this shot once the many dog walkers left and stopped disturbing the water at my local nature reserve! Shooting this with a 300mm lens + teleconverter wasn't easy, as it liked to AF hunt. However, with a bit of...
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    NIkon 300mm f4 af-s collar

    I spent a little time this weekend experimenting with the lens on my brother's tripod/ballhead (For reference the body was my Nikon D7000 and I was also using the TC-14e II, making vibrations even more obvious). My original post was a bit of a leading question, as I am about to purchase a...
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    NIkon 300mm f4 af-s collar

    Thanks all for the responses, some really useful info. I had heard noise about the cork trick before... as suggested I think I will do some experiments on the tripod at different speeds with and without the cork to see what sort of difference I get. Might influence the decision on the kirk...
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    NIkon 300mm f4 af-s collar

    I have recently purchased a Nikon 300mm f4 af-s lens, and am considering buying the kirk collar replacement for it that most people recommend. However, at what shutter speeds will it become noticably sharper on a tripod when I use the Kirk version? I pretty much solely use the lens for wildlife...
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    Today, my fellow birders, has been beyond amazing!!

    Congratulations on the sighting. Really beautiful bird :)