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Recent content by Alan Manson

  1. Surfing Little Egret

    Surfing Little Egret

    This bird was fishing in rock pools when it was chased by wave - taken from the southern wall of the tidal pool at Salt Rock, Dolphin Coast, KwaZulu-Natal.
  2. Alan Manson

    South Africa ID Please

    I'm new to this game, but I would say: Orthetrum caffrum TWO-STRIPED SKIMMER Nesciothemis farinosa EASTERN BLACKTAIL Trithemis stictica JAUNTY DROPWING Ischnura senegalensis AFRICAN BLUETAIL
  3. Alan Manson

    Shimba Hills NP Dragonflies 5 Dec 12

    Dragons are a new challenge for me, and I have no experience outside South Africa, but here goes: 1. Tramea limbata FERRUGINOUS GLIDER 2. Palpopleura portia PORTIA WIDOW 3. Trithemis arteriosa RED-VEINED DROPWING 4. Orthetrum sp. - There are several Skimmers that look similar 5. Tetrathemis...
  4. Alan Manson

    Clowning crows

    I did get a few poor shots - posted at http://vmus.adu.org.za/vm_view_record.php?vm=BirdPix-1195
  5. Alan Manson

    Clowning crows

    Hi Les, Vic Roberts, my wife and and I once saw similar behaviour by a White-necked Raven (one of a group of at least 10) at the Giants Castle Hide (KZN, South Africa). We watched the bird hang from the branch of a tree growing out of the cliff face. I must check with Vic to see if he got any...
  6. Alan Manson

    Rufous-collared Sparrow subspecies

    See also HBW/IBC: http://ibc.lynxeds.com/species/rufous-collared-sparrow-zonotrichia-capensis
  7. Alan Manson

    Verreaux's Eagle, Johannesburg, South Africa

    http://www.africam.com/wildlife/black_eagle_webcam HATCH WATCH ALERT: Emoyeni (The Verreaux's Eagle) is currently sitting on her 2 eggs which are expected to hatch sometime in the next 7 days.
  8. Alan Manson


    That's been done already (sort of) - google "Pastafarianism"
  9. Cool


    The first time I've seen a Squacco on Cedara.
  10. Alan Manson

    3 more for Opus from 3 continents and a question on gallery and Opus rules

    Hi Delia, I download the photos, and open them in Irfanview and then look in properties (Image - information); or in Windows photo viewer (File - Properties - Details). I remember a thread that mentioned a browser add-on that could do it from the browser, but never followed it up. Alan
  11. Alan Manson

    Southern African Forum

    Short-tailed Pipit, Cedara See this thread for photos from Saturday's twitch at Cedara, near Pietermaritzburg. Happy New Year to you all! Alan
  12. Horus Swift

    Horus Swift