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Recent content by AlanMatthews

  1. AlanMatthews

    Sound only - Surrey, England - 16 July 2021

    Heard today, seemed to be from tall trees in suburban envionment. 3 descending whistles, not completely certain it's a bird :)
  2. AlanMatthews

    Brown Colorado bird, July 2021

    Horned Lark?
  3. AlanMatthews

    Anyone ID this bird - taken in Rye Meads Herts

    Looks like Grey Wagtail?
  4. AlanMatthews

    Hummingbird - Atlantic Forest - Brazil

    That looks to be spot on, many thanks
  5. AlanMatthews

    Hummingbird - Atlantic Forest - Brazil

    Actually this was taken at a similar time and may be the same?
  6. AlanMatthews

    Hummingbird - Atlantic Forest - Brazil

    Hi all This was taken (I think) at the Serra dos Tucanos lodge in Brazil in April 2014. I have more photos but they're all similar angle. Any thoughts?
  7. AlanMatthews

    Eagle, Singapore

    Brahminy Kite?
  8. AlanMatthews

    Acro on Shetland last week

    Thank you all Alan
  9. AlanMatthews

    Acro on Shetland last week

    Hi Obviously I'm not expecting anything definitive from this but …..;) This acro was flushed from irises a few time last week in Shetland. Our initial impression from fleeting glimpses was possible BRW but I think this picture seems to confirm Eurasian Reed Warbler? Can anything be deduced...
  10. AlanMatthews

    Stejneger's Stonechat - Suffolk UK 2016

    Going through some old photos, i believe this is a photo of the Landguard Stejneger's Stonechat from October 2016? Does that seem feasible?
  11. AlanMatthews

    Dead cetacean -South Uist

    Apologies, size really is important here! It was about 4 metres long and the head appeared to be genuinely bulbous. Pilot Whale?
  12. AlanMatthews

    Dead cetacean -South Uist

    Hi I came across this on a beach in South Uist, Outer Hebrides last week. Does anyone know what it is? Many thanks Alan
  13. AlanMatthews

    Mexico Pacific coast bird I d

    Greyish Saltator?