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Recent content by Andrew Whitehouse

  1. Andrew Whitehouse

    Sichuan Leaf Warbler? China

    I think on range this should be Sichuan Leaf Warbler. It looks to have too strong a central crown stripe for Chinese Leaf Warbler, which is the main confusion species in that area.
  2. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    Had a look around the headland this evening, in bright but cool conditions. Most of the time was spent seawatching, which produced five Puffins, three Manx Shearwaters, a Red-throated Diver and around 55 Common Scoters. A Black Guillemot among the Eiders was seemingly a different bird to the two...
  3. Andrew Whitehouse

    Bird with smallest range

    I remember seeing Mauritius Fody about 20 years ago and reckoning I could see both the bird and more-or-less its entire global range at the same time. It might be a slightly bigger area than Razo Lark but probably not by much (though reintroduction programmes may have changed this). It may be...
  4. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    I had a look around the headland this afternoon, in rather grey conditions. Also look grey was a rather surprising Stock Dove, which appeared to be flying in off the sea. It headed up the river channel and landed on the north pier. Very weird. I'm pleased to say I also managed to take a really...
  5. Andrew Whitehouse

    Listening to birdsong...

    Some other things to look into: if you have a recorder that has bluetooth, you could potentially input the sound directly to a bluetooth speaker. This might be the simplest solution and, if the speaker is a good one, the sound quality should be good. The other thing to look into would be an...
  6. Andrew Whitehouse

    Listening to birdsong...

    Okay - I see now! I've never tried doing anything like that. You would obviously need a good microphone to pick up the birds (lots of options) and the microphone needs inputting to something that be played back in real time (and indoors?). A good recording device with inbuilt microphones might...
  7. Andrew Whitehouse

    Listening to birdsong...

    Welcome to BirdForum, Chris. There are two separate parts to your question. One is what is the best means of listening to bird sound recordings (presumably pre-existing recordings?) at home. I would say the answer to that isn't going to be very much different to listening to music at home, so if...
  8. Andrew Whitehouse


    First of all, thanks for posting these photos. I tend to agree with Daniel's identifications. Greenish Warbler has one visible wing bar, like the bird in your photograph. Hume's Warbler should show two wing bars and also white-edged tertials and dark bases to the secondaries. The other bird...
  9. Andrew Whitehouse

    Sea ducks

    I would be surprised if Elvis is still around the Ythan in late August. It's harder to say where he will be, but Burghead Bay might be a good bet. Velvet Scoters can be a bit unpredictable and I would say Musselburgh is probably the best place I know of for seeing them reliably and at fairly...
  10. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    Thin pickings on that front lately. I see lots of folks out picking up rubbish these days, so perhaps they get to the appliances first (and supress them?).
  11. Andrew Whitehouse

    ID central France

    Melodious Warbler
  12. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    Thanks! Maybe I'll take a few terrible ones, just for you ;)
  13. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    I've got a new macro lens and had a go with it today around St Fittick's. Here are some of the results. I don't really know what any of the insects are, so feel free to give a few IDs!
  14. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    Had a quick wander round the headland this morning. The Goldeneye was still in the harbour and I was surprised to see a single Teal heading north.
  15. Andrew Whitehouse

    Identification please

    Welcome to BirdForum ASGP. I'm not totally sure on this one but it may be helpful to point out that Corn Buntings certainly occur fairly commonly in the Anstruther area.