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Recent content by Andrew Whitehouse

  1. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    Good to see you this morning, BN. I should update things a bit with my recent sightings. Friday in Nigg Bay was mostly the usual suspects, including one Snipe, 21 Siskins, two Crossbills, a Goldcrest and my first two Linnets of the year. On Saturday, I had a good look around both St Fittick's...
  2. Andrew Whitehouse

    Bird ID - Sri Lanka

    Ashy-crowned Sparrow-larks, which are quite common at Yala. It's a bit strange your guide didn't know what they were.
  3. Andrew Whitehouse

    South Texas March 2020

    Enjoyed this and a nice reminder of this great area. Well done on the Becard and Kite, neither of which I've seen in the US.
  4. Andrew Whitehouse

    What is this bird?

    Welcome to BirdForum. Your bird looks like a juvenile Channel-billed Cuckoo. Quite an interesting bird to get in your garden.
  5. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    I've been out a few times since Saturday, always in the St Fittick's area. There's been the usual mixture of stuff about but with a few notable sightings too. On Sunday, a flight Great Spotted Woodpecker appeared a few times. There were also 32 Redwing, two Siskins, two Bullfinches and two...
  6. Andrew Whitehouse

    Advice for someone who has a hard time ID’ing birds ...

    Is he better at IDing birds by sound than by sight?
  7. Andrew Whitehouse

    Curlew or whimbrel - north Scotland

    Yes, it's a Curlew. The bill length varies quite a lot with age and sex.
  8. Andrew Whitehouse

    Ireland - Is this a pipit?

    Yes, these are Meadow Pipits.
  9. Andrew Whitehouse


    Your thinking is correct.
  10. Andrew Whitehouse

    Geese - Kent, UK - dark-coloured with white armpits

    Actually you mentioned an important feature in your earlier post when you pointed out the point where the head and underparts meet. This looks very clear-cut, which is right for Goosander but not for Red-breasted Merganser. In the latter, the head colouration and underparts tend to merge more...
  11. Andrew Whitehouse

    Geese - Kent, UK - dark-coloured with white armpits

    Welcome to BirdForum Louise. The latest photos show that your birds are Goosanders.
  12. Andrew Whitehouse

    Birds fae Torry

    You did well again there BN. I must have only just missed you, as I was around there in the morning too. In Torry there were two Redwings, presumably brought in by the cold weather. I had a good view of a female Crossbill in the larches near the marsh. Other birds in the area included five...
  13. Andrew Whitehouse

    Rarest etc in 'Name a Bird You've Seen 2'

    I'm pretty heartbroken about Stresemann's Bristlefront. Around the time of my sighting, there was some optimism that more sites would be found for them but it never really happened and then they disappeared from the site after a fire. The recent sighting of one nearby gives a hint that there may...
  14. Andrew Whitehouse

    Rarest etc in 'Name a Bird You've Seen 2'

    I mentioned Stresemann's Bristlefront earlier. You can read about my encounter here: https://www.birdforum.net/threads/balbina-forest-and-stresemanns-bristlefront.122096/ It's definitely the birding encounter that has affected me more than any other and that I give the most thought to.
  15. Andrew Whitehouse

    Flight Identification of European Passerines and Select Landbirds, an Illustrated and Photographic Guide authored by Tomasz Cofta.

    Thanks for the review. I've pre-ordered this book, which looks absolutely great and is much needed for vis-mig.