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Recent content by Andy Thatcher

  1. Andy Thatcher

    florida at Christmas

    Took my brother 3 days to get back to the UK from Greece where he lives due to the snow. Head this way in the Spring, probably better for species anyway.
  2. Andy Thatcher

    Your Birding Style

    Apart from when my father flies over once a year for a fortnight I go alone. Have used guides but only to get specific tricky local birds on trips to Africa etc. Very long way to go to miss a bird for the sake of a few hours spent with a guide.
  3. Andy Thatcher

    Hi from Ocala, Fl

    Only 5 here. OK not as cold but it fell from 20. Phew glad my Blackberry is bi-lingual when it comes to temperatures.
  4. Andy Thatcher

    Hi from Ocala, Fl

    Ohhh a northerner ! Only kidding, hello from Orlando.
  5. Andy Thatcher

    Man V Squirrel, this time I'll win!

    I started my squirrel war about 4 months ago and while it is still early to declare victory I think I am close ! I have 2 8ft x 4 inch poles sunk 2 feet into the ground 16 feet apart with a plank between them. I have a 10 foot x 3 foot table on the plank and 6 feeders hanging from the plank...
  6. Andy Thatcher

    florida at Christmas

    Oh was watching 6 Scissor Tailed Flycatchers about 3 weeks ago about a mile before the Everglades Main Entrance.
  7. Andy Thatcher

    florida at Christmas

    There is a very accommodating male Painted Bunting that has been around the Merritt Island Visitor Center feeder for a few weeks now if you get pressed, Don't expect it to be that warm though. I would suggest 3 Lakes Management Area for the Snail Kites and Red Cockaded Woodpeckers. If you...
  8. Andy Thatcher

    Orlando Banding

    Thankyou for that John ! Anymore ideas out there ?
  9. Andy Thatcher

    Orlando Banding

    Is there anybody here that knows of any bander's/ringer's in the Orlando area ? There was a group in Apopka but the Park has now asked them to stop. Or are you a bander in the area looking for a site ? If so I know of a 3 acre site with a spring fed pond, my garden ;)
  10. Andy Thatcher

    Florida in July ?

    "Thanks Andy. I thought this thread may never get a reply!" Well I used to live just north of Bedford so keeping it in the county ! Pileated should be an easy pick up but should you struggle I get them daily in the garden. As said will be hot and humid but there is still plenty to see. Drop...
  11. Andy Thatcher

    Florida in July ?

    Are there any species that are more likely to be seen at this time compared to a winter trip for example? Swallow Tailed Kite leaps to mind as they are a summer visitor. As for specific sites there are plenty that are mentioned in the trip lists that you see online. If there is something in...
  12. Andy Thatcher

    Info on Florida Scrub Jay please...

    Have to say the Merritt Island birds have never let me down. Taken near enough everyone that has come to visit to see them and always seem to be there, I also go whenever I am on the island.
  13. Andy Thatcher

    Christmas Birding In Florida Ideas

    There is a Vermillion Flycatcher near Sanford for the 2nd year running and that is worth picking up along with the other birds that appear there. Drop me an email for instructions, if I am not working more than happy to show you.
  14. Andy Thatcher

    Great White Herons

    I took it to be about Egrets.
  15. Andy Thatcher

    Boggy Creek Area (airboats)

    Rarity Depends on where you were. If you were near the coast, no not really.