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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

Recent content by Aotus

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    Binocular bargains

    Nikon Monarch 7 8x30(old style, similar/same performance, I think) for $317.99 (I don't think they're an authorized dealer though, so prob no warranty) https://tristatecamera.com/product/NIKON_8x30_Monarch_7_ED_Binoculars_7579_830M.html?refid=279&KPID=NIK830M7BK/A&fl=GSOrganic Open Box Leica...
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    They seem about perfect. Now I just have to use my old 8x20 trinovids in the field more so that I can 'lose' them to justify a new pocket bino purchase... the fact that this would be a change in behavior for me does, however, suggest that this $900 pair of binos would likely sit in a case 95% of...
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    Best tripod options, used/new, <$300?

    I got the sirui VA-5. It works nice, but I have been a little annoyed with the tiny levers to adjust the movements. I just bought a Gitzo “birdwatching” head that, based on 10 minutes in my living room, works like a dream! The Sirui will be in the sales forum if my living room impression holds.
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    EL choice for lower light?

    Thank you for that reply. I would love to get a pair of the NL 8x42 but that's a significant leap too far for my wallet. A well-timed bump of another thread answered my question about EL 8x32 vs. EL 8.5x42. In particular the following posts from this thread: I will still be on the lookout...
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    EL choice for lower light?

    Hello. I have been using my EL 8x32 for about six months and love them. However, as the daylight hours are fewer, I have come to wonder whether a larger exit pupil would make a big difference to me in lower light. Then, I recall the many reviews that have stated that the EL32 excels in low...
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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    I thought I’d read somewhere that you get the full warranty? Might be worth a phone call. Anyway, congrats and enjoy!
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    Best spotting scope for $1000

    I recently acquired a used Nikon monarch 82ed for just under $1000 usd. For that extreme markdown I was willing to risk it without the manufacturer’s warranty (non-transferable from Nikon - ugh). There are currently two refurbished nikon monarch scopes on Nikon’s website (w warranty) for about...
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    ECO friendly?

    It is a Bird forum…
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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    FYI - Nikon has a refurbished Monarch 82ED (Straight) and a 60ED (angled) on sale now... https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/refurbished-fieldscopes/monarch-fieldscope-82ed-s-with-mep-20-60-refurbished.html...
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Seeing them side by side like that make me appreciate the design of the curio, which I was imagining to be more brick-like. The leica and zeiss, which I have admired before, look clumsy and unrefined in their design by comparison to the petite swaro curio. I would worry that the tiny thing would...
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    Please share your experiences with the MEP-30-60W eyepiece

    I received my 30-60x wide ep yesterday. The rain prevented me from getting out, but I did quickly learn that the ep is so much wider than the 20-60 and the 30w (w/reticle) that the Novagrade phone adapter does not work the the 30-60 ep. Darn.
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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    How does this compare with the 30-60w from Nikon? Or do you not still have that ep? Thanks.
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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    I seized on a good deal for a used 82a, and am returning my 60mm that I found dark for my comfort. The used 82 doesn't have the nikon warranty, darn, but at half of retail it was worth the risk. It came with the 30x reticle eyepiece, so I had the chance to compare it with the 20-60x (that's...
  14. Peregrine on water tower

    Peregrine on water tower

    Peregrine that, according to ebird, visits this water tower to roost during the fall and winter months. Lifer for me(!!)
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    Newbie - Scope or Binoculars

    congrats on the purchase! I have the smaller EL 8x32, developed a real love for them quickly as they transformed my viewing experience and made me more excited about getting into the woods. I expect you'll have the same experience, though I am curious how you make out with the weight and...