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    Possibly Sick Nuthatch?

    I wouldn't worry. It could be ill. Or it could have been recovering from an attack by a raptor or a smack into a window. Either way, nature will take its course. Peter
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    Why the yellow face on this Swamp Sparrow?

    This is a Hatch-Year Swamp Sparrow. The HY's have a yellowish 'wash' on the face, with the AHY's showing a much 'cleaner' greys and chestnut. Peter
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    Unneccesary. My fingers are more like Twiglets. Peter
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    Northern or Louisiana?

    Louisiana Waterthrush is designated as a Species-at-Risk but can be separated from NOWA by the pink legs and more prominent eyestripe. The location is interesting however, as they are pretty secretive birds and stick to waterlogged boggy more marshy areas close to deciduous woodland. Do you...
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    USA bird ID

    Tough one! I don't think it is an INBU though, no eye ring and too much buffy orane to be an INBU. INBU's also have a bicoloured beak. At a push I would say WEBL - Western Bluebird.....or do you get the Eastern? Peter
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    Impacts of bird ringing (threads merged)

    As a Canadian Master Bander in charge of a successful Bird Observatory, we have many volunteers coming and going on a weekly basis. Some have banding permits from other countries, other have little to no experience. When someone come to us with no experience, I personally look after their...
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    Impacts of bird ringing (threads merged)

    This thread, as with others in the past, tended to get personal. I think that it is important for non-ringers/banders to appreciate the resilience of a bird when being handle. Birds are not lapdogs and, in my opinion, like most animals, merely react to physical stimuli rather than exhibit...
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    Impacts of bird ringing (threads merged)

    Is this true? Knowing what we do about the decline of House Sparrows and the Species-at-Risk status of the Tree Sparrow? Peter Fearon
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    Impacts of bird ringing (threads merged)

    It seems that things have got a little personal when everything can be clearly explained. We're all in the same boat guys, conservation of wild bird populations. Ringing or banding, depending on your geographic location, provides data on populations, migration, longevity and all other aspects...
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    Nocturnal songs for catching birds

    Hey Kelvin, The AMWO is much smaller than the Eurasion Woodcock. We were successful in May, using the breeding calls....the 'bleet' as the bird makes a spiralled upward flight before swooping low. I almost stepped on one this morning while opening the nets! Scared the bjesus out of me! Feliz...
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    Nocturnal songs for catching birds

    Boa noite Paulo, Nó Canadá usamos chamados de pássaro á noite em um local. I believe in some places in Spain, they use Acro paludicola calls over night. There is some question over the ethics of using bird calls nocturnally for passerines. We are currently having success with Northern Saw-whet...
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    Bird traps

    I've never tried to use the spring traps at AuBO, but I think we'll get some with our Fall budget, test the water so to speak....very interested in the wader traps. We have a site that see's a substantial passage of waders through Aug and Sep. Whats the delivery time like Ade? Peter
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    Bird traps

    I've used some of these in Portugal last year...they're pretty pricey, but if you can't be arsed making your own...they're the best out there. Are you on a referal scheme Ade? 8-P