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Recent content by b-lilja

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    Have Zeiss, Will Travel.

    Nice, Lee, thank you! Always love these.
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    Victory FL discontinued?

    OOfff, that's a nice spread. I'm with Swissboy, do not care for the new red Zeiss coating, as I've now said ad nauseam here (sorry). Definitely prefer the older coating. It my case, to avoid color shift in overcast Seattle area conditions. However, I think the red coating contributes to...
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    Weight in relation with steadiness?

    Look at the arms on that guy...brings to mind Arnold...
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    Leica Service

    Nice...sounds like we both had great experiences!
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    Where are made the Conquest HD

    Flat out great bins...I know for some there are blackout issues...but if you don't have - I wouldn't hesitate to put these in these in the alpha category. I've had a pair for a decade, tough, great. And I have FLs and Ultravids. Sometimes I prefer these.
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    Weight in relation with steadiness?

    I think rotational inertia and center of gravity are important - but my point is that the length of the binocular amplifies proportionately an equal amount of angular shake. IE, if you rotate (shake) a bin one degree, likely from some axis location combo of the rotational center of gravity...
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    Quick positive note on Leica US service

    Sent my wife's BN 8x32's in for service to Leica US, due to grit in the focus. Terrific communications direct from customer service, speedy turnaround. Service itself was $220, which felt reasonable. Most importantly - view was better than ever. These are such great binoculars.
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    Victory FL discontinued?

    And I should add, early pre-red coated FL.
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    Victory FL discontinued?

    Just used my green 8x42s today...terrific old schoolish view - all about the glass, no coating-driven optics bling - just dead clear resolution...that Parasitic Jaeger sure looked great...
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    Weight in relation with steadiness?

    I appreciate the discussion. More weight definitely offers resistance to shake. But I also think length is really important...if you are holding the bins towards your face, more length = more shake. I'm surprised more folks don't comment on this. I think it's one reason why flat 8x32 porros...
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    Leica glass

    Well, I, for one, am a big fan of Shot glass(es). Is that the first time...maybe not? :)
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    Zeiss Victory FL. How much is Lotutec worth? (Performance improvement?)

    I know this is an older thread, but it is so applicable I want to resurrect it. I bought a pre-Lutotec pair of 8x42 FLs off Dries and really am enjoying them - its subtle (and not so subtle) pleasures are growing on me a lot. There is just a deep reservoir of optical quality that shines...
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    After the Dialyt: 10 years with a Zeiss Victory 8x42 T* FL

    Lee, thanks for the post. I finally found it, searching around the back pages. I bought dries' 8x42 FLs a couple months back, and love them. I really connected with them last weekend at the Hayton Reserve in Skagit County, Washington, US. Shorebird migration is underway and the light was...
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    Leica Hdplus 7x42 vs Trinovid 7x35

    I like my 7x42 HD+ better visually - contrast, saturation, 3d - EXCEPT there is something about how crisp tight image of the Trinnies...perhaps its ultimate resolution is better. And that counts for a lot. It is a darn shame Leica doesn't just advance this bin with full waterproofness - it...
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    A tale about Leica item 40714 ##2192311

    I loved this thread, however I have to admit some of its fantastical elements confused me. It seems like something is going on, details of which are a bit obscure, but certainly intriguing.