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Recent content by badger1962

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    Spring in Scotland

    Big thanks to all for your replies. Sounds like I'm spoiled for choice. Am I riight in assuming flying up would be best; ill see where I can fly to via Cardif. Gordon, thanks for the heads up on the book, I'll be amazon ready in February! Cheers, howard
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    Spring in Scotland

    Scotland trip Thanks to all (Delia,Brian2, Rich, RAtal) for the kind thoughts and advice. Makes me all the more determined to go for it whilst I can. Cheers, Howard
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    Spring in Scotland

    Hello there, hoping that someone can give me some hints/tips for a possible holiday in Scotland early in 2014. Unfortunately I have had to retire through ill health ( just turned 51)and am unable to walk more than 10 to 15 minutes without discomfort and fatigue. I was thinking about driving...
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    Bushnell elites in C***generator

    Hope I'm not being naughty posting this..... I was browsing the website of the above High Street loan establishment as they often have loads of bins, albeit usually cheapest. At the moment there is a Bushnell 8x43 elite in their West Ealing store. Not sure, but it could be one of the earlier...
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    Hello from Bath in England

    Hi Rebecca and hubby, welcome to BF - I'm sure you'll find it a great source of info and will enjoy sharing with the rest of us slightly obsessed birders! I fyou go to Slimbridge make sure you pop over the bridge and go to Goldcliffe nr Newport - great for avocets this time of year. Cheers, Howard
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    leica zoom for spectacle wearers

    Hi Charltonfan, I wear glasses and bought an APO Televid 62 with zoom before Christmas; absolutely no problem with eye relief. It's a great scope - enjoy. Cheers, H
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    60-65mm high end comparisons

    I had a Swaro 65 HD which was great apart from me not getting on with the helical focus mechanism - a very personal thing I know. I've now got a used Leica APO62 and it's brilliant; I find the coarse/fine focussing so much better. Think you'd be hard pressed to see much difference between any of...
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    Port Gaverne, Cornwall 1984!

    Port Gaverne solved! Thanks all - nice to know after nearly 30 yearsB (:
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    Port Gaverne, Cornwall 1984!

    An unusual one this.... My wife and I had a slide/photo scanner for Christmas and she's been transferring our collection of slides onto the computer. These two shots were taken during our honeymoon (married 22/12/84) on one of the local beaches (we didn't drive at the time so it must have been...
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    how to carry scope

    Scopac/Mule alternative I've got an Olivon Podtrek from BinocularOutletUK (also on Ebay) which is £40. It's great and of course cheaper than the other two. Makes birding with a scope so much easier. Cheers, H
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    advice on used budget scope, size/weight /old, not an issue.

    Hi Mark. I've sent you aPM. Cheers, Howard
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    MM2 and MM2v2 - difference?

    Thanks postcardcv - I also contacted Opticron who confirmed what you said; apparently the v1 can be fitted with an adaptor to take all the usual Opticron lenses, not just the MM ones. Ta, H
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    MM2 and MM2v2 - difference?

    Mm2 Q Thanks for your response Rob. I'll post on the Wanted section to see what's about. Cheers, H
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    MM2 and MM2v2 - difference?

    Would anyone know what differences there are between the original MM2 and the version 2? I've seen a couple of secondhand version 1 scopes around and am wondering if there's a significant improvement in the version 2. Many thanks.