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Recent content by baseline

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    Cameroon Next Month (March 2020)!

    Thanks for this input Xenospiza! And same to WP above, who I've PM'ed. Poor Cameroon... From what I've read, I'm half-expecting Bamenda to be off limits, but hoping we'll be lucky with Mt Kupe being in a 'border-line' zone. I've asked Benji what the current score is regarding access...
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    Cameroon April 2018

    Just a cheeky 'bump' for anyone who was following this thread when it was live, and might still be interested in a trip to Cameroon... See new thread - I'm planning a similar trip for March 2020.
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    Cameroon Next Month (March 2020)!

    Hi All, A bit 'last minute' but I suddenly have extra holiday time to fill... I'm planning to go to Cameroon for the first two weeks of March, with 15/03 being my cut-off date for leaving the country. Jose Ramon found a few companions on BF when he went to Cameroon a couple of years ago (see...
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    Zimbabwe updates?

    Another update on Masoka / African Pitta here: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=275336
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    Central Mozambique & African Pitta

    Hi All, First off please note that this thread has morphed from 'Central Mozambique' to 'Zimbabwe'. The target species however remains the same... I want to give this thread a 'bump' as I made the pilgrimage to Masoka just last month, and would like to report back on all the positives which...
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    Kirtland’s Warbler?

    Better off posting this in an i.d. forum B4bratti - several thousand UK birders will be having heart attacks when they see your headline in a few hours' time!
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    Humbolt Current cruise

    Sounds pretty good Swiffly! I've tentatively pencilled it into my diary... Will give you a shout if my plans firm up in favour of this trip :-)
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    Georgia/Armenia 25.4-7.5.2019

    Excellent report Jan! This region is not high on my list of places to visit, and yet I read every word of your report and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Your encounter with that lynx is especially gripping; I might have to re-evaluate my priorities and head that way some time soon!
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    Southeast China Dec/Jan 2018/19

    Same from me Andrew, for what little it's worth: 4 days at Jianfengling, didn't even hear the peacock pheasant. But it's a great spot, would love to return one day.....
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    Sierra Leone in November for African Pitta etc

    Hi Andy, I'm currently working my way through Laos and Cambodia, then back into Vietnam shortly, but happy to pen a few details about my SL trip when I get a mo! Probably as soon as I get fogged off and hotel-bound at Dalat... Tim
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    Sierra Leone in November for African Pitta etc

    Yes it went ahead Richard! But it was *not* a great success bird-wise, as we were extremely unlucky with the weather. The wet season just kept on going, despite my trip being timed to be c. 6 weeks into the dry season. I'm tempted to try again some time! Will PM re costs.
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    Sierra Leone in November for African Pitta etc

    Dates are now fixed, and there are still a space or two available! Flights are UK to Freetown on 9th Nov; then departure evening of 19th Nov (Day 10) for an overnight return to UK.
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    Sierra Leone in November for African Pitta etc

    Sorry cxmzsw, earliest can fly out is looking like 8th Nov...
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    Sierra Leone in November for African Pitta etc

    Hi All, I'm going to Sierra Leone in November (this year!), dates approx. 10th-20th, and wondering if anyone else is interested in joining? I've already made a partial booking with Kenneth Gbengba, one of the few local guides in the region, and we've agreed on an itinerary (bog-standard -...