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Recent content by Bazzer66

  1. Bazzer66

    John Hornbuckle

    Indeed, the memorable for all the wrong reasons infamous trip to Mussau. Along with yourself, Jon, Keith Turner, Neil Bostock and myself we saw some great birds. Being robbed wasn’t something we’d bargained for though so sharing two pairs of bins between five of us wasn’t very practical. I also...
  2. Bazzer66

    Turtle Dove, Kent

    I don't know how small meena can be but this bird is distinctly smaller than Collared Doves. To my eye the breast colouring is also more turtle dove like, Andy has some photos which may add more. The bare skin surrounding the eye is also virtually non existent
  3. Bazzer66

    Turtle Dove, Kent

    I was just about to contact you Pete but as I said to Andy, someone will comment soon, so cheers for that. I guess Alan hasn't got Birdforum contact in the Darien !
  4. Bazzer66

    Norway ID please

    Hi Skylark Slavonian Grebe Cheers
  5. Bazzer66

    Thursley this weekend?

    Hi John Yes Marc did visit Thursley see http://marcheath.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/more-from-thursley.html Barry
  6. Bazzer66

    Long eared owl sites in Kent

    Hi there Long eared owls generally speaking are not at Elmley in the winter and as you have said are a species very prone to disturbance. At the moment I am unable to recommend anywhere where the birds may be seen easily or reliably in the county. They have become increasingly difficult to...
  7. Bazzer66

    Waxwings Kent?

    Hi there It's early days yet, a few fly overs and settled birds but no large scale invasion yet Barry
  8. Bazzer66

    Red-headed Chestnut

    top night out, better than birding. Thanks to Norm X2, James and a certain Mr Chapmans 'moth magnet finger' !!
  9. Bazzer66

    I've moved to Medway.

    as an update to birding in Kent today, a fine adult Sabines's Gull, Little Auk, a few Poms, Bonxies, lots of duck off Shellness today. Very enjoyable Barry
  10. Bazzer66

    I've moved to Medway.

    Hi Pat I'll endeavour to post here when I get a chance. The entire Medway estuary is worthy of putting in time to look for stuff, it's just a case of exploring the area. Motney, Lower Halstow and Copperhouse are some of my favourite areas. Re KOS discussion areas, the 'newish' forum allows for...
  11. Bazzer66

    I've moved to Medway.

    Hi Andy I rarely look here but i guess I should do really. The KOS website will indeed provide you with lots of info re recent bird sightings posted on the website. Re moth trapping I can look into that for you. Send me a message and I can update you on other sites to check in the area also. Re...
  12. Bazzer66

    dainty damselfly in kent, 2011

    two pairs were seen yesterday at the pools by the bridge cheers
  13. Bazzer66

    Hbw 15

    Hi Alan Still waiting for my copy as well!!!!
  14. Bazzer66

    BBC Twitching Documentary

    Well I enjoyed watching the programme though shame about that carpet. Look forward to another 'twitcher programme' in the future makes a break from working!!
  15. Bazzer66

    BBC Twitching Documentary

    I do rather like Garry then again I do like Lee But which is best There's only one way to find out FIGHT.........................