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Recent content by besaide

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    Background noise

    I have done a quick test with an Olympus LSP1 and works well (top = 2 mics / Bottom = 1 mic)
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    Starting into sound recording - some tips

    I am very happy with the olympus LS-P1 (manual mode with gain between 5 and 10)+ external home made microphone: PUI AOM 5024 L HD I do not use the internal mic, not good quality. https://www.puiaudio.com/media/SpecSheet/AOM-5024L-HD-R.pdf
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    Zoom H5 configuration

    With one mic I would record on one channel and duplicate in post. With Audacity: 1 - Control C (copy) 2 - Control D (paste) 3 - Make stereo track
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    Monarch HG 8x30 or Monarch HG 8x42

    What is the difference in focusing speed between these models?
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    RODE NTG5 vs Sennheiser MKE 600

    I would consider a parabolic dish also as an upgrade option. I use a very simple one (AOM 5024L HD as an external mic) made with an umbrella with an olympus LSP1 (around 100-130€) and a home made electret battery box and works pretty well. For the money you are ready to invest you could afford...
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    Beyerdynamic headphones

    I bought an Audio technica ATH-M40x for the parabolic dish but I don't like it for this purpose, I have also tried in-ear headphones using both ears and only one and don't like it either. For a short period of time is ok and if I have to choose one metod I would use only one ear with the...
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    Autonomous Field Recorder - PART IV (Setup 2/2)

    Hi Vollmeise, Rec forge starts the recording precisely in time and yes, you can schedule a recording twice a day, even more. I have done a quick test with 20:15 and 20:30 with 2 minutes each and works very well. And you can select a different repetition time: I like what Macrodroid is...
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    Autonomous Field Recorder - PART IV (Setup 2/2)

    Thanks for all this information!!!! I have been testing my smartphone as well :) I use different apps, this is what I use: For my tests I am using my everyday smarthphone (Motorola Moto G8 power - Android 10) and an external mic: PUI AOM 5024L HD-R The app I use for recording is: REC FORGE...
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    Mics mono/stereo

    Yes, I used the smartphone (Merlin bird ID) for the firecrest audio. Always the same song, level at maximun in my phone. It was on my hand. Umbrella and backpack on the boulder. I have 2 olympus LS P1. One is for the backpack and the other one for the umbrella. Both were recording in manual...
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    Mics mono/stereo

    Today I have done some outdoor tests :) comparing the umbrella "new prototype" and a "normal" mic. The backpack has an AOM 5024L (with battery box) connected to the olympus LSP1 recording all the time while I am hiking. It has also a TRRS output for birdnet, the smarthphone goes in the green...
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    Mics mono/stereo

    Vollmeise, Thanks for all the information :) I have dismantled the housing and done a quick prototype with a 100mm diameter dish (2mm acrilic). As soon as I get the new mics I am going to do it much better. The "umbrella" is better option for me than the real parabolic dish because I hike...
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    Mics mono/stereo

    I have readed this post with a lot of useful information: DIY STEREO PARABOLA When I bought the squirrel, I was going to copy the Figure 15 but I was afraid of the handling noise, this is why I did the housing, but with the housing I lost something very important that I didn't realize at the...
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    Mics mono/stereo

    Thanks for the advise :) I have ordered 6 mics and they are on the way. Aluminium tubes are not a good idea either. I am going to rebuilt the "umbrella".
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    Mics mono/stereo

    Tonight I have changed the position of the parabollic dishes and placed the mic of the umbrella above the shaft. Haven't recorded any interesting bird. I am attaching a file with a sound (above umbrella, below squirrel (one channel))
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    Mics mono/stereo

    I have tested my two parabolic dishes tonight. (Curtains are to prevent the neighbours from seeing that I am recording) 3 files: 1 Eagle owl with the squirrel baffle no edit (only one channel) 1 Eagle owl with the umbrella no edit (microphone below the shaft, normally I put it above) I have...