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Recent content by BirdInTheTardis

  1. BirdInTheTardis

    Texas: Woodpecker

    I agree. This is a really interesting observation!
  2. BirdInTheTardis

    Fly catcher ID Saskatchewan Canada

    Agree with Least, but hard to tell from a photo
  3. BirdInTheTardis

    Dove observation

    Never actually observed Collared Doves, and definitely not an expert on dove breeding habits, but could it possibly be a hybrid? I.e., it has both Mourning and Collared Dove genes, so it shows the collar, but it grew up learning the Mourning Dove call? I haven't personally heard of or seen this...
  4. BirdInTheTardis

    Not an eastern kingbird ?

    If you say you saw hundreds, then Tree Swallow it is! Eastern Kingbirds definitely are found in groups that large. And, looking closer at the birds in flight in the second photo, they look more like Swallows than Kingbirds anyway.
  5. BirdInTheTardis

    Not an eastern kingbird ?

    Oh, and also, welcome to Birdforum! Nice to see a fellow Minnesotan on here :)
  6. BirdInTheTardis

    Not an eastern kingbird ?

    I'd still say they were Eastern Kingbirds, even with the absence of the white tipped tail. Several possibilities could lead to the white not being visible (certain lighting, worn plumage, stained feathers) and so if that was the only inconsistency you noticed, I wouldn't rely too heavily on it...
  7. BirdInTheTardis

    A little birding humor...

    So true! I've heard so many stories of people telling me they have seen canaries in their backyard (in MN), and, after telling them they probably saw some American Goldfinches, they are always quick to respond: "No, that can't be right...they were so yellow!"
  8. BirdInTheTardis

    Robin carrying dead mouse

    So I was out birding in my backyard today, and I observed a behavior I've never seen before. For reference, I live pretty deep in the woods. American Robins have nested within the vicinity of our house for as long as I can remember; this year, we had a nest in our apple tree. The young have...
  9. BirdInTheTardis

    Corvid-19 Drawing Challenge

    Those are beautiful! I can't decide which is my favorite.
  10. BirdInTheTardis

    Long necked white dude(tte) in flight, Chaska, Minnesota USA

    Either Great Egret or Trumpeter Swan, but hard to tell for sure which one without further details. I'm actually leaning towards Trumpeter, as they almost always fly with an outstretched neck, while Egrets typically fly with their neck pulled back near their body.
  11. BirdInTheTardis

    Corvid-19 Drawing Challenge

    Here's Corvid number 4 (Rook) and number 5 (Eurasian Jackdaw). I've decided I'm going to draw Corvids from all over the world; both to better represent the Corvidae family as a whole, and also to learn a bit myself. However, I've discovered that it's a bit more difficult to get the proportions...
  12. BirdInTheTardis

    NE Oregon

    I'm leaning towards Cassin's Finch after listening to the recording.
  13. BirdInTheTardis

    Corvid-19 Drawing Challenge

    Thanks for the suggestion! Kind of messed up the tail a bit, but here's Corvid number 3. Also, does anyone have any pointers on creating a more realistic sheen on feathers?
  14. BirdInTheTardis

    Help ID this kingbird type Southern California

    Just based off of this photo, I'd say Cassin's (darker head than Western with more contrasting white behind bill) but there are exceptions all the time. I'd have to observe it more to be certain.
  15. BirdInTheTardis

    Corvid-19 Drawing Challenge

    Being both a birder and an artist, I tend to draw a lot of birds. The other day, I was thinking about what I was going to draw next when I had the idea of challenging myself to draw an entire series. 19 different birds, all corvids (get it?) Anyway, I thought it would be neat to try to commit to...