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Recent content by bloveall

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    Unknown Owl-like Call (Oregon Coast Range, USA)

    This is an old one, but I was going through some files and noticed this forgotten-about mystery. I was hiking with a friend up through some old growth forest to Marys Peak in Benton County, Oregon (North Ridge Trail). It was July 2011 in the afternoon. I've attached an edited audio recording of...
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    Identification of young bird (Willamette Valley region, Oregon)

    This little guy was hopping around outside. The concerned clicks of nearby Oregon Juncos lead me to believe it may be one of them. It probably only recently left its nest. I'm attaching a picture I just took (sorry it's small, I had to decrease the picture quality to meet file size...
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    Oregon, USA Hummingbird Identification?

    Thank you very much! My guess was either Rufous or Allen's. I think my confusion came from the amount of vibrant green shown on the Rufous' in my guides. We are in Philomath, Oregon. Again, thank you for the quick responses! p.s. The last little one just left the nest after I posted this...
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    Oregon, USA Hummingbird Identification?

    Location: in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA In early June, a little nest was constructed on our porch light fixture. The outside of the nest is decorated with lichen and moss. I think it is attached via spider webs she collected. We frequently went in and out of the door near the nest; of...
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    Unknown bird, pictures included (Oregon, USA)

    You know...ironically, the "Oregon" Junco is my favorite bird. I see them all over when camping, making the little click sounds. We both questioned if it was a junco, but passed because it looked a bit big and its neck too slender. It truly does look to be a junco, though...unless there is a...
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    Unknown bird, pictures included (Oregon, USA)

    I was camping with my dad in the Coast Range Mountains of Oregon this last week and we were identifying birds (in the morning). Here is an montage image made up of eight pictures I took of a certain bird we couldn't identify. http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/8191/birdidentityjuly15th201.jpg...
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    Willamette Valley, Oregon bird?

    Willamette Valley, Oregon (USA) bird? I've identified several birds so far, but this one I can't place. Here is a picture I took recently: http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/4861/20100315013.jpg