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Recent content by Bluetail

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    Trouble with Surfbirds webpage.

    Hiya Mick. I see the old place hasn't changed much. :king:
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    Comment by 'Bluetail' in media 'ID? Juvenile American Robin?'

    Not too well up on juvenile American birds, but it's certainly not a robin - they're quite spotty and have distinct hint of the adult plumage. This bird looks more like a Northern Mockingbird to me.
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    Need Help For Thrush? Pic!!!

    Personally I'd put my money on a Hermit Thrush. The black bill tip isn't a problem. Varied Thrush is a bit nearer in shape to American Robin - at least it's less dinky and rotund than your bird looks.
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    Comment by 'Bluetail' in media 'Black Turnstone'

    Agree: Black Turnstone.
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    Comment by 'Bluetail' in media 'White Crowned Sparrow'

    Absolutely stunning!
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    Comment by 'Bluetail' in media 'Black-headed Gull'

    Very nice, sharp pic, but I'm afraid it's not a Little Tern. It's a gull - Saunder's Gull Larus saundersi I believe.
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    Yes, it's a female Blackbird. They're very variable. I've one visiting my garden this winter that's almost as dark above as a male.
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    Comment by 'Bluetail' in media 'Osprey'

    Certainly an Osprey. Nice shot.
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    What's been in your garden today?

    Not so much variety yesterday as in many recent days. A male Bullfinch for the second day in a row (nice!), two Blackcaps, a flock of 30 Greenfinch + Goldfinch and 6 Chaffinch. 9 Blackbirds.
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    What's been in your garden today?

    Four Blackcaps today. First thing this morning there were three males side by side on the fallen sunflower hearts. Amazing. For a moment I thought my binoculars needed colimating. Then later on the regular female appeared. That's five different Blackcaps that have visited this month since for...
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    Historical Impossibility?

    They are "halflings". And, of course, Middle Earth knew all sorts of species that are beyond the ken of modern man... ;)
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    Historical Impossibility?

    Zipped flies in cowboy films are always worth a chuckle.
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    Chickadee I.D

    The bird is so scruffy overall that I wouldn't like to make a call based on the bib. How would it look if the bird were neat and pristine, I wonder? That said photo #1 does show that the greater coverts have pale outer webs that contrast with the darker inner webs and with the rest of the wing...