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Recent content by bobf

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    Trogon Finders..

    Probably not as cool as Copper Canyon, but for the past few weeks I don't think anyone who tried has missed the Eared Quetzals in Rucker Canyon, SE Arizona.
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    Vietnam March 2019

    I would side with Pash. I took Peter Waander's 9 grasswren tour a few years ago, not because I couldn't drive around the outback or find the same hotels, but because I KNEW I would not find a number of those birds. I wouldn't think of disclosing those GPS locations. And I find the words "feel...
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    4 hours for Ibis

    To follow up, we decided the rent a car would be tight for time as we would need a bus to the port entrance and then a taxi to the rent-a-car (each way), but eventually located a guide who arranged a taxi from the port entrance to the Oeud Massa area where we picked up the guide. There, we had...
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    4 hours for Ibis

    Thanks all. I did try around Tamri when here 6 years ago (also April), without success, but I don't remember how much time I had en route Essauira. Looks like this is about 1 hr from Agadir, so I'd have about two hours to search mid-morning. But you guys feel this is a better bet than south of...
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    4 hours for Ibis

    I will be in Agadir on a cruise from 7AM-1PM April 8. Allowing time for getting off/on ship, I guess we'll have about 4 hours. We missed the Northern Bald Ibis on a trip in 2012, not wanting to pay a local guide an exorbitant fee in Souss Massa (a mistake in hindsight as we also did not find any...
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    Long shot: boat trips in Micronesia

    Sorry, any chance of birders visiting at this time to share the cost of the boat. The birds are there, the boats are there.
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    Long shot: boat trips in Micronesia

    My wife and I are doing a East to West Micronesia trip in April. There are few economies of scale here, nothing on planes, hotels, meals, guides (not needed). But boats: oh boy! We plan only 2 boats: 1 Truk (Chuuk) to Dublon where Monarch is apparently gettable (see Birdquest TR (but not the...
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    Car hire in Costa Rica

    I'm pretty sure you cannot. Certainly no trip reports have crossed with a rental.
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    independent American birdeing travel to Cuba

    There have been substantial changes in the embargo. VENT is doing 3 bird tours this year and 3 in 2017 (for Americans), apparently under the "Cultural exchange" part of the new rules. But as I am in Florida it probably pays to wait for the airline part of the change to kick in, rather than do...
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    independent American birdeing travel to Cuba

    I know bird tours are taking Americans to Cuba now under some sort of exemption. Have any independent American birders done this (legally) since the change in relations? Bob
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    independent American birdeing travel to Cuba

    I know bird tours are taking Americans to Cuba now under some sort of exemption. Have any independent American birders done this (legally) since the change in relations? Bob
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    Vietnam birding over Tet

    By way of follow-up: We contacted Green Hope Lodge, where the manager, Pham, assured us he could get us 6AM boat rides across. So we stayed 5 nights at Green Hope Lodge, and one night at a room in the park HQ area. Green Hope Lodge worked out fine for us, as we were able to cross each AM at 6...
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    El Triunfo info

    I wanted to arrange an El Triunfo trip for this spring, but I'm not sure who the local contact is. I thought it was ECOBIOSFERA EL TRIUNFO S.C. (ecobiosfera.org.mx) but they still have a page saying "available dates for 2015 coming soon" and have not responded to any emails. Any ideas? (I know...
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    Shanghai Perambulations

    Thanks guys. I guess this isn't as easy as I was hoping. (A little easier for a bird tour with their own transport). I think that Holiday Inn is probably the right one; I didn't realize it was so far from the airport. I think we'll settle for some morning birding in some park in Shanghai. Bob
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    Shanghai Perambulations

    Hi all, my wife and I are in Shanghai a few days in late January. I'm wondering if someone can suggest a currently dependable spot reachable by public transport for Reed Parrotbill. At least one tour company trip report mentioned a hotel near the airport with a "close-by" reed bed, but I don't...