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Recent content by Brian2

  1. Brian2

    Why am I not able to attract Goldfinches to my Feeder

    Sounds like you've got the right foods out....Keep it fresh and maybe during the colder months they'll find your feeders. Once found they seem to be loyal. I have two family groups visiting my feeders daily and during winter get around twenty or so each day. my advise would be to make sure they...
  2. Brian2

    Good birding book on Scotland

    Another vote for Gordon's book which has been a good guide on my visits.
  3. Brian2

    Id of these birds

    I think you have a rather tatty zebra finch, a cut throat finch, two more zebra finch and possibly a strawberry finch.B (:
  4. Brian2

    wex photography

    Wex FWIW: I've used Wex and found them reliable and good value.B (:
  5. Brian2

    Trip to Norfolk this weekend

    I have to agree, your time would probably be better spent at these reserves nearer Hunstanton or you could always head down to Cambridge (Ouse Wash etc)
  6. Brian2

    Greetings from a 'becoming birder'..

    Hi Robert tried the link to your flickr page and it seems to work fine
  7. Brian2

    barn owls

    Waxwings reported again today at Colney (still by the reception to John Innes centre as per Birdguides)
  8. Brian2

    barn owls

    Barn Owls should be straight forward enough you just need to get up early or check as the night comes in. You really shouldn't have to go far in Norfolk to find good numbers of Barn Owls. Waxwings have been reported in Norwich of late but it's a quiet year for them. best of luckB (:
  9. Brian2

    What foods should I put in my Essex feeders?

    Looks like you've got the shopping done...yes Thistle to me is Nyger seed and should be in a feeder with a very small hole. The hearts will be a favourite for sure. best of luck again
  10. Brian2

    What foods should I put in my Essex feeders?

    I agree Phil, putting Thistle out will attract Goldfinch and Siskin through winter (in the right feeder) Apples work well for me too with Blackcap Tits and thrushes all enjoying them (had Waxwings before too) I find sunflower hearts a good option too as they leave no mess good luck with your...
  11. Brian2

    How Is Your 2014 List Going?

    107 after a trip to Kent today
  12. Brian2

    where to see Red Grouse

    Lochindorb in Scotland....had cracking views there last May. B (:
  13. Brian2

    How Is Your 2014 List Going?

    80 yesterday and another 4 today during my lunch break. Hoping to have the time and money to challenge last years 285