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Recent content by Bryon Wright

  1. Bryon Wright

    Phylloscopus, Khao Lak, TH

    Grahame, why the splenic tantrum? If PR has not handled a December bird he is not able to report on its moult? You are revising the colours that you described originally in your post now as well. I gave empirical information that people can try out in the field in Thailand and then either...
  2. Bryon Wright

    Phylloscopus, Khao Lak, TH

    Grahame, Are you saying a borealis never moults in December? You can see the contour feathers breaking up on the throat and upper breast, next to what you describe as a olive-brown breast suffusion. Surely no one can see an olive-brown suffusion on OP bird as you describe? The down feathers are...
  3. Bryon Wright

    Phylloscopus, Khao Lak, TH

    Hi all, there have been one or two postings on the bill colour of Arctic on bird forum which have proved useful. Was ear-marking this has something that should be shown around not specifically identifying it as such. Think one would be hard pressed to find a photograph or even a written...
  4. Bryon Wright

    Some birds from Borneo and Labuan to ID

    Hi all, #16 has the characteristic silhouette of Jerdon's Baza but cannot see any detail.
  5. Bryon Wright

    Warbler - South Africa

    Hi all, Kean more than one race of GRW. occurs in Africa. The colours tend to veer towards extreme rufescent in some photos but the thrush like, deep base to the bill indicates, great reed warbler. The really stout legs and over large feet are also a good indicator. In the flight shot #2...
  6. Bryon Wright

    Latest piece

    Hi all, a really evocative piece, with a depiction of motion which even some established masters would find difficult to match. I really like the coloured greys, expansive side lighting and overall tonal harmony which I find very satisfying to the eye.
  7. Bryon Wright

    external microphone

    Hi all, thanks for this information pbjosh.
  8. Bryon Wright

    Phylloscopus, Khao Lak, TH

    Hi all, one to ear-mark and seek opinions from people familiar with Japanese-Leaf warbler. Borealis invariably shows a dark horn, distal tip, on the lower mandible. The silvery, white underparts are not dissimilar to eastern-crowned are typical for JLW as well. Think the visible part yellow...
  9. Bryon Wright

    Stork(s), Bang Pu. Thailand - March 24

    Hi Ben, does he mean the main bird on photos #2&3, as well?
  10. Bryon Wright

    India Pipit ID-7 ?

    Hi all, Andy, there are specific descriptions of Paddyfield with a short barely decurved hind-claw, now. These are proportionally not much longer than those of a house sparrow. Alok's bird has a very long hind-claw. Furthermore we do not know because we cannot see how many mm. of hind-claw is...
  11. Bryon Wright

    Which Kite pls?

    Hi all, thanks for this Ragnar, you have explained the western\eastern regression point in a better context. One clue is in the more extensive paler underwing of the black kite. The red kite is pattern is usually more restricted and a purer white. A long time ago I was asked to opine...
  12. Bryon Wright

    Which Kite pls?

    Kite id Hi all, most will realize this but these pics. illustrate both ends of the black kite spectrum! Apologies for the use of images.
  13. Bryon Wright

    Mr Stuart Irwin's (Yellow-bellied) Waxbill

    Sad news and what a great man. He once asked me if I was going to present him with a prepared skin or a mounted specimen when I sent him a record of a booted eagle. I suspect he was only half joking? His line was there is no such thing as a rare bird, only rare habitats.
  14. Bryon Wright

    India Pipit ID-8 ?

    Pipit id Hi all, Werzik, see why you might think it is Tawny. The hind-claw length however is classic for Paddyfield, with some natural variation excepted. I do not think the upper-parts areas are actually as plain as the rather muted photo suggests. A lot of Paddyfield can and do look...
  15. Bryon Wright

    Eurasian Skylark or Oriental Skylark? China

    Hi all, Steve sums it up nicely. Is your Skylark the same as Japanese Lark?