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Recent content by bustersymes

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    John's Mammals 2020

    An ex-weasel Rather envious of that Mink sighting (although of course I'd rather they weren't here in the first place). Yet to see a live one. I posted in the 2019 thread a few months ago about a lucky encounter with a Weasel on my patch at Therfield Heath in Herts. Well things immediately...
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    John's Mammals 2019

    Thanks! Not sure it was much other than good fortune really - I was just walking over to a spot to watch for a local short-eared owl (that frustratingly only seems to appear at dusk) and noticed the movement. It's a path I've walked hundreds of times before, although perhaps less frequently at...
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    John's Mammals 2019

    Weasel Just thought this might be of interest to some readers of this thread. I very rarely manage to even glimpse a weasel, and I had never managed to photograph one before. I have occasionally had success with stoats (although every close encounter is a rare treat) but never a weasel. I...
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    2019 UK Orchids

    I saw around 15 Lindisfarne Helleborines in a fairly quick visit yesterday - four or five of these were already flowering including a couple of fine looking plants.
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    John's Mammals 2019

    I'm heading there tomorrow for a long weekend which will include a fair bit time looking for boar. I don't have any specific gen but suspect you are right. As well as the ongoing cull, I have also seen concerns raised about certain boar becoming tame - possibly due to feeding - all of which may...
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    John's Mammals 2018

    Hi Peter and John Sorry you had no luck with the shrews but glad there were a few other bits to keep you entertained! Interesting thoughts about mammal numbers. Rabbits are certainly at a low ebb in the local area (tying in with the national trend as recently reported), and my highly-trained...
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    John's Mammals 2018

    In case anyone was still tempted by Fowlmere for Water Shrew, it seems that their appearances have tailed off since the weekend so it may be that the opportunity has passed. A guy I spoke to did have lengthy views of a Stoat in front of the hide first thing this morning (which may or may not...
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    John's Mammals 2018

    Stoaty McStoatface Yesterday's Stoat was along the first stretch of boardwalk as you walk from the car park towards Spring and Reedbed hides. Around 9.15am. Five weeks ago at least two were showing regularly a little further along the main track, between Spring Hide and the turnoff to Reedbed...
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    John's Mammals 2018

    Pigeon for breakfast Seems like I interrupted someone's breakfast! Stoat at Fowlmere RSPB, Cambs this morning.
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    John's Mammals 2018

    Water Shrews at Fowlmere Water Shrews have shown regularly for at least the last couple of days at Fowlmere RSPB, Cambs. They are rather distant (given their size) so not great for photos, but thought it was worth mentioning since they aren't usually easy to see. If you could be bothered to...
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    2018 Orchid Thread

    At least some are out by the looks of it: https://twitter.com/ChilternNature/status/996496367110557696 (hopefully you can see this without a Twitter login)
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    Sandwell Valley

    Thanks for your help Many thanks for the info - I didn't have time in the end but will try again next time I'm over that way. Cheers!
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    Sandwell Valley

    Hi guys - hoping you can help a non-local out! Will be passing through at the weekend and may be able to pay a flying visit to Sandwell Valley, hoping for Willow Tit in particular (now non-existent in my part of the world). I don’t know the site at all and I wondered if it's possible to access...
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    What has happened to BirdLife checklists 9 and 9.1?

    I think this was a website error - the current v9.1 is now showing again!
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    2017 UK orchids

    Hi Steve I have no recent info from Warburg - so others please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - but based on timings of other things this summer I suspect you may be on the late side for Narrow-lipped (and suspect also they may not have had a very good year). When I went last year I...