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Recent content by CactusD

  1. CactusD

    Lesvos - Most Do Sites

    If the track is passable, Meladia valley is awesome. Metochi lake in the mornings is also great. Arguably Polichnitos saltpans are not at their best in spring. Areas around Kalloni saltpans, and the tracks in and out, are likely to be much more productive and quicker to access.
  2. CactusD

    Algarve 2013 / Sagres Birdwatching Festival 2014

    Hi Mick - nice one, esp. the raptors, and the TTPasha butterfly. The last butterfly here is in fact not a Long-tailed Blue, but a Lang's Short-tailed Blue (quite heavily worn). Long-tailed is stripy, Lang's is blotchy.
  3. CactusD

    Images of Lesvos May 2013

    Mick, this new bird guide is very interesting. I'm actually currently planning a trip to Northern Greece for summer butterflies, and this guide has some of the best site info I know of for some of the remoter and more interesting places.
  4. CactusD

    ID please - Bee of Wasp??

    cool, thanks for that!
  5. CactusD

    ID please - Bee of Wasp??

    A very small insect photographed yesterday morning asleep. Any ideas?? Length about 5mm. Location: North Oxfordshire, meadows. Cheers! D
  6. CactusD

    Nikon R1/C1?

    Check out Moose Peterson's test: http://www.moosepeterson.com/blog/2009/02/03/testing-for-a-project-the-nikon-r1c1/
  7. CactusD

    Nikon R1/C1?

    I think there's an amusing training video on the Nikon website somewhere about this combo, inc. opening the large box! I suppose it works really well as a system as long as you figure out how to use it and get the best out of it. I have never used one, just relying on a diffused off-camera...
  8. CactusD

    Orchids of Samos

    While people are waiting for the UK orchid season to get underway, perhaps they might enjoy reading about my recent trip to the Greek island of Samos, where I saw and photographed 27 different orchids (as well as over 20 butterfly species). By contrast with the UK, the Greek season appears to...
  9. CactusD

    Lesvos 2013

    Watch out Lesvos... ... the Dotterels are coming... One very unexpected passage migrant sighting today on the summit of Mt. Karvounis on Samos 100 miles south of Lesvos as the crow (or indeed Dotterel??) flies (GPS data is embedded in the exif for those who want to see exactly where it was I...
  10. CactusD

    IMAGES OF LESVOS 5th - 19th May 2012

    Nice work, Mick. Here's a link to the Lesvos trip report I buried in my 2011 year list (solo trip, flying with Aegean via Athens): http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=2131478#post2131478 I had 160 species, which I was most pleased about :t: I will undoubtedly return at some point, but...
  11. CactusD

    Chelmos, Erimanthos, Mainalo: A Peloponnesian Butterflies Trip, 28/06/12 – 08/07/12

    This is really very kind, David. Although this area (and Greece in general) is clearly very good for butterflies, it tends to get a little overlooked in favour of more popular destinations such as the Alps and Pyrenees. Re. books, I used three together: Tolman & Lewington Lafranchis...
  12. CactusD

    Chelmos, Erimanthos, Mainalo: A Peloponnesian Butterflies Trip, 28/06/12 – 08/07/12

    I’ll finish off with a round-up of photos and an overview Google Earth screengrab. If anyone is interested in further details please feel free to get in touch and I’ll see what I can do to help. Many thanks for taking the time to read this: hopefully you enjoyed it and found it informative and...
  13. CactusD

    Chelmos, Erimanthos, Mainalo: A Peloponnesian Butterflies Trip, 28/06/12 – 08/07/12

    Moreover, my successes based only really on guesswork, the internet, and some maps, suggest that trips to other mountainous areas, at similar or other times of the year, could be great. I imagine that, depending on the weather, any time between April and July might be brilliant; moreover, in...
  14. CactusD

    Chelmos, Erimanthos, Mainalo: A Peloponnesian Butterflies Trip, 28/06/12 – 08/07/12

    A quite superb trip with excellent weather, great scenery, and some excellent sightings! An absolutely massive 51 lifers for me. Definitely worth looking into if you’re interested in something a little bit different. Even if you haven’t visited Greece before, if you have some experience of...
  15. CactusD

    Chelmos, Erimanthos, Mainalo: A Peloponnesian Butterflies Trip, 28/06/12 – 08/07/12

    Having said this, I was highly delighted at the varied range of species I did encounter. Personal highlights would have to be the Coppers, the variety of Blues, particularly including Pontic, Meleager’s, the Anomalous species, and the Polyommatus species, esp. Turquoise. The range of...