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Recent content by CalvinFold

  1. CalvinFold

    Using Cane or Walking Stick + Camera or Binoculars

    [Hope this is the correct forum…] Anyone have tips or gear recommendations for someone who uses a cane (or walking/hiking stick) to walk but also enjoys using a camera and binos while walking? How do you juggle/hold/holster/handle the cane while using the camera/binos?
  2. CalvinFold

    Canon SX60HS in Action

    Okay, I'm curious...which recommendations? |=)| I'm assuming the adjustment of the exposure compensation, based on your pics.
  3. CalvinFold

    Canon SX60HS in Action

    Also I've noticed the SX60 likes the more even (less contrasty) light on overcast days. I've had my best photos on medium-overcast days. I suspect most small sensors prefer this sort of environment; it plays well to their limited dynamic range.
  4. CalvinFold

    Canon SX60HS in Action

    kawwauser, what would you say, 50m maybe? Not bad at all. :t:
  5. CalvinFold

    AGW and rising sea levels

    So, we're down to "magic" now? So you're the anti-Purple Heron? Chosun, I have found your posts very fascinating, and even enjoy the pseudo-religious leanings (as I lean that way myself), but this really changes the conversation to a degree that the conversation itself can't be had. Science...
  6. CalvinFold

    AGW and rising sea levels

    I see nuclear offered as a solution. Reactors have, in theory, more safeguards if anyone can ever manage and fund one of the new-generation ones with all the failsafes and reduced complexities. What I have not heard about is the latest advances in waste disposal: not just how to secure store...
  7. CalvinFold

    More alarmism 'Ecological grief':Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency

    If Trump can't buy a border wall, what special presidential powers does he have for buying a country?
  8. CalvinFold

    Tell me how does a digiscope helps?

    1. Yes it is slow to set-up. See my signature links to see my digiscoping rig (2013 and 2014 links). I only used this in areas where I was shooting specific species and I knew where they'd generally be. I'd set-up, sit, and wait. 2. Yes, very heavy. I even purposefully carried a heavy tripod...
  9. CalvinFold

    request advice upgrading from bridge camera to DSLR

    +1 on looking at micro-4/3 cameras. I currently have the SX60, which granted is nowhere near DSLR quality, but I still think far better than a "record shot." Helps I have alot invested in Photoshop tricks and plugins. Before purchasing the SX60, I was strongly considering micro-4/3...
  10. CalvinFold

    More alarmism 'Ecological grief':Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency

    Not so sure where we are now is entirely "forward" if we have sacrificed our planet, and possibly our own species, to get there. One of the sci-fi tropes I enjoy is when a species is shown that has a higher level of technology than humans, yet still lives in harmony with nature. So imagine if...
  11. CalvinFold

    Keep your cat inside during spring

    I admit I skimmed, and it was kinda odd when every time I stopped to deep-read, it was repeating the same concept. Are all research papers like this? |:S| In any case, did I miss something or did this paper not actually tackle the problem of feral cats head-on, but just cover the basics of how...
  12. CalvinFold

    Resizing images for posting and losing quality

    It's always good practice to use software at your end to size down to the final size, in this case the 1024x900 used by the gallery. Then sharpen-up the image a bit; down-sizing a photo always causes some amount of blur. Most online resizers seem to be horrible at their job; don't rely on them...
  13. CalvinFold

    More alarmism 'Ecological grief':Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency

    Bored, checking on new posts, and ran into this old thread (which to my surprised, I participated in)...interesting that it's still going, if "round and round" counts... Sounds like a good description of many of the more obnoxious "regulars." We're only missing one other person in this thread...
  14. CalvinFold

    Favourite camera manufacturer poll

    The problem is that we're not brand loyal. Between the two of us we have Nikons, Sonys, and Canons (so I went with "other" because just myself I use a Canon and Sony regularly). When I was shopping for a MFT, I was leaning Olympus. You could argue I'm locked-into Canon now because of one...