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Recent content by Canip

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    The Remarkable Svbony SV202 10 x 42 ED Binocular

    Sorry to correct you, Neil. The rating on BINOCULARS TODAY‘s website is based on initial inspection, my own measurements and a few days of usage of the binocular. What you call „tests“ is for me a detailed and structured review process the results of which are published under the heading...
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    APM Telescopes Release Of The APM MS 6x30 Porro Prism Binocular

    Pat, The answer may actually not be that clear. Both the APM and the Kowa have their pros and cons. If you are a die-hard porro fan like e.g. forum member Hermann, the APM is a sensible choice and I guess you would not regret it. 9.3 degrees of FOV are nice, central sharpness is very good, edge...
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    APM Telescopes Release Of The APM MS 6x30 Porro Prism Binocular

    I have two samples of the 6x30 (one for vacation home). In one of them, the diopter setting „zero“ corresponds to the „0“ mark, in the other, it is off the mark by -3.5 dpt. This and a few other findings indicate that quality control unfortunately is still a bit of an issue at KUO, and that APM...
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    Leica Trinovid 8x42HD

    I posted a comparison with the 8x42 (non HD version) and the Conquest HD some years ago; unfortunately in German, see https://www.juelich-bonn.com/jForum/read.php?9,430056,430056#msg-430056 But perhaps with Google Translate you might get the gist of it? Canip
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    Minox 7.5x44 RAPID reviewed

    Tks Charleybird. In the sales material online and off-line, the Rapid appears to be mainly aimed at the hunting market. Only there, the alleged advantage of rapid target acquisition without having to refocus would really make sense (the advantage doesn‘t exist, as I wrote in my first post, and...
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    New Maven B.6 10x50: A brief comparative review

    Well, it is what it is. The APM is basically a clone of the Fuji, and it is made in China, the Fuji in Japan. However, the Fuji is extremely robust and has been known to last forever - we will have to see in ten years whether the same is true for the APM.
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    New Maven B.6 10x50: A brief comparative review

    Good question, Chosun (although I do not always trust the allbinos measurements either - they had up to 100% transmission in one case, and that‘s simply impossible)
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    Pentax VM 6x21 WP Monocular/ 18x Microscope

    The focus in the Pentax 6x21 works actually quite well. I was also, like some of the others here, surprised not only at the shape, but also the "strange" focus mechanism, until I understood that this allows true one-hand-operation (whereas with other monoculars, such as the Leica Monovid, you -...
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    Extreme Nearsightedness--Focusing at infinity without eyeglasses

    Swarovski is to my knowledge the only major manufacturer that lists information about focusing beyond infinity in its specs (they call it „diopter correction at infinity“). I am currently in the process of updating the information for the binoculars in my collection not only regarding the...
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    Athlon Cronus G2

    Sorry, but these reviews are driven by the hope that people buy recommended products, not neutral reviews. See at the bottom of the webpage, where it reads „… As an Amazon Associate Backwoods Pursuit earns from qualifying purchases…“ Caveat emptor! Amazon rewards dozens of companies like...
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    Athlon Cronus G2

    I think this is not a neutral „report“, the guy is selling this binocular
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    Minox 7.5x44 RAPID reviewed

    MINOX 7.5x44 RAPID REVIEWED Part 1: “Single ocular focusing truly luxurious” – really? Can the laws of physics be circumvented? The dream of doing it has been around forever, but so far nobody has been successful in fooling the laws of optics. Of course, companies such as Steiner have been...
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Why hasn‘t anybody mentioned glare yet?
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    New Maven B.6 10x50: A brief comparative review

    …. Chosun, - 1 1/2 turns from close focus to infinity (1/4 turns from 10m to infinity). - The difference in weight is not huge, but noticeable. Canip
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    New Maven B.6 10x50: A brief comparative review

    As to Abbe-Koenig prisms: good Schmidt-Pechans with dielectric coating like the Maven B.6 now reach 95% transmission. Looking at the numbers for the B.2, which has A-K prisms, there seems no distinct advantage for A-K any more. And I guess the higher mass of the glass in the A-K prism has its...