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Recent content by Charles Harper

  1. Charles Harper

    Some General Notes on Birding in Japan

    Hi David, Sorry, no chance for the sea eagle, though you can see White-tailed Eagles. But here are lots of good breeding birds in Hokkaido – Gray's, Middendorf's and Lanceolated Warblers, Sakhalin Leaf Warbler, Siberian Rubythroat, Latham's Snipe – while Blakiston's Fish Owl, Black Woodpecker...
  2. Charles Harper

    How is your 2010 List Going?

    My Japan list sits at a miserable 116...because I spent most of April in Papua chasing BoPs! Well, there's still some spring left.
  3. Charles Harper

    Some General Notes on Birding in Japan

    I still don't know how to edit old posts, so I'll use this one to tell you the current address of our website, BIRDS OF JAPAN. I suppose you are already aware that new photographic and painted field guides now exist for NE Asia.
  4. Charles Harper

    Quick Birding in Tokyo

    Since I still haven't figured out how to edit old posts, here is the newest link to our BIRDS OF JAPAN website.
  5. Charles Harper

    How is your 2009 List Going?

    Well sorry, I'm not keeping up very consistently here. Our latest rarity, a Western Sandpiper, had all the Tokyo photographers out, and brought my Japan year list to 203 at the end of September.
  6. Charles Harper

    Which is your oldest book about birds?

    None of the above seem to be field guides. I still have my first field guide: 'Bird Guide - Water Birds, Game Birds, and Birds of Prey East of the Rockies' by Chester A. Reed (1926). Not so old, but authentically muddy.
  7. Charles Harper

    Quick Birding in Tokyo

    Hi &, There are some more open areas. You should be able to take decent photos along the track at spots. HERE are descriptions of the trails. PS: To all readers-- I notice that some of the links I provided earlier have now been changed, and I cannot get into those posts to edit them now...
  8. Charles Harper

    Quick Birding in Tokyo

    Glad you had some success, Stu. Yes, the Hwamei obviously enjoy Japan and are spreading rapidly in the area, as are Pekin Robins.
  9. Charles Harper

    Laser pointer for rainforest birding

    . Unfortunately, your link now leads to a delisted product, rockfowl. I've been mulling over the laser pointers at Laserglow ( http://www.laserglow.com/index.php?portable ) and Wicked Lasers ( http://www.wickedlasers.com/lasers/CORE-67-0.html ), but cannot get beyond waffling. And now I need...
  10. Charles Harper

    How is your 2009 List Going?

    . Good to see that everyone's out and counting, not sitting at home with a beer watching MLB. Did I post after we went to Malaysia? Can't remember. Anyway, in spite of that hiatus, I finished April with a round 150. In March, I added a late Mandarin Duck, and then in late April, early...
  11. Charles Harper

    How is your 2009 List Going?

    End of the First Quarter . As at 31 March 2009, my Japan year list stands at 141, with highlights gleaned from a trip to Arasaki, Kyushu, where I added Hooded, Sandhill, White-naped, Common and Siberian White Cranes. I'm a little short for the year because of a week's birding in Malaysia, but...
  12. Charles Harper

    How is your 2009 List Going?

    2009 in Japan . I spent the New Years' holiday on the Pacific coast of central Honshu and totted up 87 species. This is a good start to the year-- about average for my New Years' effort. I won't you bore you with the whole list, but here are the highlights (as perceived by this Japanese...
  13. Charles Harper

    Some General Notes on Birding in Japan

    . Sorry I missed your post, David. As you have by now discovered, the Kyushu cranes have usually left by early/mid March. .
  14. Charles Harper

    Crane ID needed - Tokyo area

    . Double-posting makes me wonder whether I should bother answering here. Unless it was an escapee, what you saw was a Grey Heron. .
  15. Charles Harper

    Info on Japanese Field Guide

    . Since this thread is entitled 'Japanese FG Info', it really needs an update. At January 2009, there is now available 'A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Japan and NE Asia' by Tadai Shinba (Christopher Helm 2007, ISBN 978-0-7136-7439-2) It is lousy as a field guide-- meaning that you...