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Recent content by Chickadee6

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    Comment by 'Chickadee6' in media 'Family day out'

    Wow! amazing photos!
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    Comment by 'Chickadee6' in media 'American Pipit.jpg'

    This was a lifer for me last year, wonderful capture!
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    Comment by 'Chickadee6' in media 'Snowbirds'

    Thank you!
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    Comment by 'Chickadee6' in media 'Snowbirds'

    Thank you both!
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    Comment by 'Chickadee6' in media 'snowbirds'

    Thank you all, sorry for the misspelling in the title!
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    Less-than-stellar photos of Pennsylvania birds... Can you guess them?

    1. American avocet 2.Nashville warbler? 3. Barn Swallow 4.Blue Jays?
  7. snowbirds


    Savannah Sparrow in snow, we got 8 inches here in a rare Texas snowstorm!
  8. Snowbirds


    Chipping sparrow in snow, on a tarp to keep weeds off this garden plot till spring.
  9. Snowbirds


    Yellow-rumped warbler and savannah sparrow trying to keep warm
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    Comment by 'Chickadee6' in media 'White-breasted Nuthatch.jpg'

    Lovely Picture of this little acrobat!
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    Help with a Texas bird Garden

    Sorry for answering so late! Thanks for the advice, I used the Audubon native plant tool and I got a lot of results, and I ordered from a native plant nursery. I have to wait till march for it to ship, but I will post pictures of them when there here!