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Recent content by Chris Bell

  1. Chris Bell

    Ivory Gull around Redcar in 1985-87

    The Saltburn Ivory Gull was present from 31st January to 8th February 1986. Some pics here... https://www.teesmouthbc.com/galleries/gallerytoduplicate-2/ Hope this helps.
  2. Chris Bell

    Handbook of Western Palearctic birds

    An outstanding piece of work.... The female Red-throated Thrush listed as 'England' in presumably a labelling error...
  3. Chris Bell

    WP-Birds to see in Algeria

    On the contrary according to the Uk Foreign Office the whole of Algeria is the safest it has been in decades. Check out the 'sea of green'.... https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/algeria
  4. Chris Bell

    WP-Birds to see in Algeria

    African Silverbill too...
  5. Chris Bell

    “Countability” of Bar-headed Geese in the Netherlands

    Scroll down to page 12. Bar-headed Goose is classed as an established breeding species in the Netherlands and perfectly tickable (legitimately) as an introduced exotic. All Western Palearctic listers tick the species here. The Dutch however do not count exotics....
  6. Chris Bell

    2017 Western Palearctic Big Year

    There are eight species of passerine that breed on Corvo... These being; Blackcap, Starling, Blackbird, House Sparrow, Grey Wagtail, Chaffinch, Goldfinch (scarce), and Canary. Pretty much everything else is a vagrant. On a day entirely lacking in vagrants 15 species would be about average...
  7. Chris Bell

    2017 Western Palearctic Big Year

    Nanday Parakeet is not Cat C in Spain/ Canary Islands & is therefore by definition not tickable... Albeit that there are probably more there than there ever were in Israel. 3:-) #blocker
  8. Chris Bell

    2017 Western Palearctic Big Year

    That brings back memories of a great twitch. The Benny Hill style car chase to get there first from the Lerwick Ferry is still etched in my memory. Great bird in a great location!
  9. Chris Bell

    The last post...

    Richard, Such sad news indeed... It was a pleasure to have birded with you. That Mauritania trip remains one of my favourites to date. You will be missed.
  10. Chris Bell

    400 In A Year??

    I believe the original question to be impossible for a number one reason, rightly or wrongly. The official body is the BOU and that does not include either Eire or the extra 'species' offered by the UK400 Club. No amount of cash could make up the deficit, though a UK400 total would be a...
  11. Chris Bell

    400 In A Year??

    I'm with Johnny Allan with this one.. It's bloody hard work finding rares inland. I keep a list of birds seen within 5 miles of my house and after almost 30 years it's stuck on 199, around 193 of which are self-found. I've also put lots of local hrs in on the coast too this autumn and found half...
  12. Chris Bell

    Eyebrowed Thrush in Norolk

    Entirely with Paul on this one. We pay bird information services to report bird news. Once it's in the public domain we can make our own minds up whilst the clock is still ticking.. They try their hardest to filter the shit out but we must all remember the clock is ticking and they are in a very...
  13. Chris Bell

    Durham Birding

    Not that underwatched. Juvenile Scaup there for the last 3 days.... As Black Kite suggests. Use the path near the bus stop in the village. Upsets the locals less. Unfortunately there always seems to be some cock with a Carp tent there these days!
  14. Chris Bell

    Durham Birding

    Hi Daz A, It's a Philippine Duck, & an escape/ captive bird in the UK. See: http://www.harteman.nl/omnibus/anseriformes/ducks/philippine.html Cheers CHRIS BELL
  15. Chris Bell

    Asian Short-toed Lark

    Many thanks for all the input on this matter, though I'm still a little confused. Am I correct in thinking that ahoronni is now defunct and that persica/neithammeri are included within cheelensis at present by Howard & Moore. Am I right in thinking that according to recent studies by Kirwan et...